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Soarigami brings peace to the armrest wars

Be a good neighbor and share fair. Soarigami was invented after one too many flights stuck in the middle seat. After many design iterations, our founder folded her sketches into an origami paper airplane and launched it into the air. When that paper airplane landed upside down, Soarigami was born. Say goodbye to elbow wars once and for all!

No endorsement of these products by the producers of “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome”, MGM, or ABC is implied.

Versatile and Streamlined


  • Soarigami doubles the existing armrest space and provides a friendly barrier, so you and your seatmate can comfortably share fair.
  • Using the screws, Soarigami can be adjusted to fit a wide range of armrests. Rubberized silicone molding on the underside creates a firm grip on existing armrests, making it fully stable.
  • The armrest covers are removable for hand washing.
  • Soarigami folds flat to fit into any carry-on.


Insider Tips


  • Turn Soarigami so the 'nose' of the plane is facing you when in use. The tapered paper airplane design extends personal space without cutting into your sides.
  • The airmail design evokes travel, and the idea of Soarigami was inspired by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding.
  • The Soarigami logo was created using three triangles, symbolizing origami paper airplanes.


Soarigami works anywhere with an armrest!

Stop worrying about being stuck in the middle seat on airplanes.

Watch the battle on the field instead of your armrest.

It's okay to take a bathroom break during the show; you won't lose your armrest space.

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