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Surprised? We are.  So what happens, when you go to the grocery store for milk because it ran out in the middle of the week? I bet you come out with a salami and cheese, oranges that were on sale, and several other items, but probably without milk?!  Am I right? When you go shopping without a list, it’s really easy to go crazy.



To avoid buying things you don’t need, you’ve got to dig deep. Using Smart Basket helps you focus on your needs and not to all the extra emotional and psychological »junk«. We created Smart Basket to help you start writing down only the things you need and stick only to that list when shopping. 

It is your best companion because it helps you improve your shopping habits and organize your free time. I don’t have time! Wrong! There are people who are achieving amazing things every day in the same 24 hours that we all have available. So what do they know that most people don’t? They organize their life to maximize productivity – and that’s the aim of Smart Basket: to help you organize your free time, everyday routine and life habits.





We all have different ways of making notes and organizing our daily purchases, but none of them are environment-friendly, durable, affordable and handy at the same time.  Smart Basket has also a faithful and reliable pen that always writes when you pull it out to jot down a note.

Teach Slovenian with us: mleko=milk, jajca=eggs, jabolka=apples :)
Teach Slovenian with us: mleko=milk, jajca=eggs, jabolka=apples :)




  •  A6 FORMAT (10,5 cm x 14,8 cm). 
  • 14 PAGES (pages for different notes: 4 pages for shopping notes, extra pages for discounts and saving memos, meal planning notes, and some empty pages for every day: a memo, a meeting, an appointment or a date). 
  • EXTRA POCKET for saving discounts coupons, cards and bills.
  • PEN INCLUDED (easily put it into the spiral). 
  •  TWO THEMES (cherry and cupcake).





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