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Scandinavian Design 

Have you ever felt that an interior becomes worse because of a techy speaker? You’re not alone. The Small Transparent Speaker looks great in any environment, from kitchens to bedrooms. Hardened glass sides makes it blend in by showing what’s behind the speaker. A white coated aluminium unibody frame makes it neutral so it feels right in any context. We have worked tirelessly on every single detail to ensure aesthetic perfection.



Size reference
Size reference

On the front, you have a volume adjustment knob, a classic rocker switch for power on and off, a LED to show you if the speaker is on and a 3.5 jack if you prefer to use the included cable for your audio source.

3.5 jack on the front
3.5 jack on the front

Grouphunt Deal

You can get this on the crowdfunding website for $391.50, but why pay full price for this when you can save money and buy in a group with Grouphunt instead? If we get a minimum of 10 orders, enjoy 11% OFF when you buy with Grouphunt, at only $349.

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Easily Connected Speaker 

We have got you covered with the latest technology. The speaker has both WiFi and Bluetooth. This means you can easily send high-end audio from your phone, tablet, or computer from near or far in your house. We made a big effort to support both the latest and greatest platforms, such as Apple Airplay and Google Cast, to maximize your connectivity options.

With wireless connectivity, we can update your product software so that the product improves over time. The first functionality that we are planning to launch is Spotify Connect which means that you can find our speaker super easily in the Spotify app. Our goal is to make the connected experience as friction free as possible for you.

Crystal Clear Sound 

The Transparent Speaker is built with premium audio components. The two-custom made 2.5 inch full range drivers deliver crisp lifelike vocals, while the passive bass radiator gives a punch to any beat. It has a built-in amplifier which has embedded digital signal processing (DSP) to ensure a full and balanced crystal clear sound. If you use a high resolution audio streaming source, you will really start to hear new things. This product builds on all that we have learned from tuning the highly appreciated sound in our large Transparent Speaker.

Full range drivers and passive bass radiator
Full range drivers and passive bass radiator


Small Transparent Speaker with the original Transparent Speaker
Small Transparent Speaker with the original Transparent Speaker


Become an Up-Cycler

The Small Transparent Speaker is designed to last a long time. Even though it might seem unusual and counterintuitive to talk about scenarios of product failure now when the product is brand new, we believe that is exactly what we need to do. By considering potential ways the product might break, and designing the product to outsmart the landfill in these cases, we can make a big difference. The speaker is made out of materials that can be recycled to the same high quality over and over - this is called upcycling - and it is designed to allow for complete disassembly. 
The speaker has built in sensors that can detect if parts eventually need to be repaired, replaced, or updated. Users will be notified by their smartphone, and offered easy ways to take action. 
Broken products that can’t be repaired at home will be shipped back in the empty containers travelling back to the manufacturing locations. This return shipments are already accounted for in our business model, and we will be able to refurbish, reuse or remold most parts of the products at our own factories. Our packaging design can be refolded to expose the prepaid return shipping label. 
Packaging for closed loop shipping
Packaging for closed loop shipping
The challenge of our generation will be to stop trashing our planet, and leave it in a good shape for coming generations. Our consumer patterns and producing industry is currently not working towards that goal (and neither are some of our politicians). Consumer products are too quickly becoming waste and mostly dumped in landfills. In fact there is a full football field(!) of electronic waste generated every minute*. This linear system has to stop. By supporting this project, you’re not only getting a loudspeaker, you are helping to promote a closed loop industry where products and their materials has the potential to last forever. 
Closed Loop System √
Closed Loop System √

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm): 236 × 188 × 90 
  • Weight: 2400 g 
  • 2 × 2,5'' Full Range Drivers 
  • 1 × 2-3’’ Passive Radiator Woofer Plate 
  • Sealed Cabinet Volume: 2,5 L 
  • Frequency Response: TBD 
  • High Quality Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 
  • 1 × 3,5mm audio jack in front (cable included) 
  • Wireless formats: Wifi, Bluetooth™ 4.1, Google Cast™, Apple Airplay™, Spotify Connect™ (TBD) 
  • Updates over air 
  • Multi-room Speaker Playback

Development Plan Overview

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