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Ahh! What you need right where you need it!
Ahh! What you need right where you need it!

SLAP BAG is a Simple Little Accessory Pouch that mounts to the handlebars and stem of your road, mountain, cruiser, fixie or kids bike.  Did we mention the best part: It opens and closes with one hand.

Well you say, what's different? Thanks for asking, The Slap Bag opens and closes with just one hand allowing you to get your essentials easily. The Slap Bag keeps your items secured inside. Using a simple pull, The Bag opens up. Just slap it closed. It's much like a slap bracelet liking two shapes (open and closed). When you are riding and need something, just pull on the tab and it opens allowing you to grab your food/phone/etc. Slap it closed securing your items and continue on your way (or bike, ride, journey).

Whats on your ride checklist:  

  • Shoes, Socks, Gloves, Water-bottle, Tire, Tools 
  • Now think, where do you put your phone, keys & food

When you get on your bike, whether it be to ride to dinner or you are heading out on a road or mountain bike we all typically have a few things we like to take with us. Think where you put your phone on your ride. Do you put it in your pocket or jersey pocket? Is it irritating in your pocket, might it fall out? Do you pull your phone out of your jersey and it's sweaty? Think where you put your keys or wallet or food? Having those things secure and easy to access helps you ride free knowing you have what you need without being burdened.

Common Usage   

Mmmm. Have a ProBar on your next ride!
Mmmm. Have a ProBar on your next ride!

Have you ever been out on a bike and seen a beautiful bird or a massive moose? We have. There's no way we could have captured that beauty if our phone/camera was in our backpack. You can throw your phone/camera in your Slap Bag and (maybe) capture a photo of that awesome alligator while staying on your bike and riding away quickly. Capture pictures with your friends much more easily while on your next bike adventure.


We also use our phones help us navigate while on our rides. Just get your phone navigating, put it into your Slap Bag and slap it shut. You'll be able to hear your turn-by-turn navigation while you safely keep your eyes on the road.  


Do you like to listen to music when you ride but find having earbuds in a bit too shut off from the environment around you. This is a great alternative, you can start your music and you'll be able to listen to it safely while still being able to hear things around you while you ride.


Or maybe you like to record your ride statistics with something like Strava or MapMyRide. Slap Bag is a great way take that tech with you while being able to easily hear it or interact with it when you need.


The best place for food to keep your ride going is somewhere close. The Slap Bag is the place for your food for those longer rides or bike tours.  Some of our early gear testers told us they unwrap their food and put them in the Slap Bag so that they can get at the things they need during those rides super easy.  Just open it up, grab some goodies and slap it closed.  No more food in your jersey pocket that you never get too because its too hard to access or open while you are busy sweating away on a big ride.

Additional  Uses

Strollers, Strider Bikes [my 2.5 year old loves to take his trains, and bandaids], scooters, rafting boats, canoes and more - you tell us how you will use your Slap Bag.

Stroller - Strider - Front Mounted [All on Flat Bars]
Stroller - Strider - Front Mounted [All on Flat Bars]

The Details

There are 4 Velcro strips to ensure the Slap Bag will mount to most any type of bike and stay securely in place.  The back edge has an aluminum bar that you can bend into place for a custom fit to every bike.  The front edge is much like a slap bracelet and the ~90degree angle you create once you bend the bag into place activates the Patent Pending closure mechanism.  The bag itself is rigid enough to not flap in the wind yet flexible to mold around a phone or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  • External Dimensions: 7.50" W x 6.75" H (3.50" mouth when open)   
  • Internal Dimensions:  7.25" W x 5.75" H (3.25" mouth when open)
  • Fabric: Terrain X-Pac VX-21 [this is the same fabric we used in the 2007 original prototypes and they held up great, so we choose the same fabric for the final production ready Slap Bags]
  • Low stretch, waterproof construction technology and 210 denier face fabric provides an ideal balance of weight and durability 
  • The fabric is waterproof but the bag closure does not create a water tight seal, consider this product water resistant.

The Slap Bag fits best on handlebars where the stem is not exceptionally steep. We did account for steep stems and if you look at the Velcro we sewed it with an extra tab so that the bag can be made to hang under the handlebars when needed. For instance, on my cruiser bike I have a steep stem. I mount to the stem first trying to keep the bag as flat as i can, then I loop my Velcro so that the aluminum bar on the back edge of the bag actually hangs under my handlebars. This helps keep the bag as flat as I can while still allowing me to slap it closed and pull it open. You really only need to be able to hook 3 of the 4 Velcro attachments to make the bag work. We often times will event mount our Slap Bags to the front of the bars, pointing out toward the road (for times when that works better than what I described above). In the video you will see we have some amazing old Schwinn cruisers and one of them has its shifters in the place where we normally mount the Slap Bag, so we just mounted it to the front (I also do this on my kids Strider bikes - my son loves to take his trains with him in his Slap Bag).

What makes Slap Bag Unique

Sure there are a lot of bags or mounts that carry your stuff while on your bike, but in our opinion none are as convenient or transparent to the user as Slap Bag.  A bag that opens and closes with no zippers, Velcro or magnets is really one of a kind.  The front edge of the Slap Bag  is much like a slap bracelet.  It knows how to be in two positions, open or closed.  It fits your phone, food, keys, or other small items and lets you have quick and easy access to them when stopped or while riding and you can do it without even looking at the bag because it is so intuitive to use.  Future-proof your investment with Slap Bag by avoiding mounts that are hyper specific to a phone size or mounting option, Slap Bag loves all and will be a great fit for things today and tomorrow.

Double Slap Bags - Velcro attachments are offset to allow for mounting 2
Double Slap Bags - Velcro attachments are offset to allow for mounting 2


  Why I invented Slap Bag

I was a sponsored Adventure Racing athlete competing in multi-day races all over the US and Internationally. I needed a clever way to eat my favorite snack, Goldfish, while I biked. I would clip my zip lock bags of yummy Goldfish to my bike and I could eat while I rode...well kind of. This is where my prototype #1 fell short of the Slap Bag. You see, as I biked up and over mountains, bouncing over rocks and trees, my poor little Goldfish would often jettison themselves out of the open zip lock out onto the trail, leaving a ‘breadcrumb’ path of Goldfish making it easy for other teams to follow us, not to mention littering my precious calories all over the trails.

I knew I needed to be able to close the bag quickly, with one hand. No Velcro, no magnets, something simple and QUICK. Then I thought of the slap bracelets we enjoyed as kids and from that simple idea came the Slap Bag.

The Slap Bag became my place for food so I could eat while doing long bike races and not get off my bike. All other options forced me to stop and use two hands or I had to leave it open and run the risk of my food falling out during technical sections. Beyond food, I now always put my cell phone in my Slap Bag which makes it easily accessible if I get a call, want to take a photo, or I'm simply tracking my ride. I'm not pulling my phone, dripping with sweat, from my back jersey pocket anymore. The third item always in my Slag Bag is my key ring. I have spent a lot of time retracing our route because someone got back to the car and couldn't find their keys. The Slap Bag includes a bungee key loop. With a simple cow hitch you can know, you will have your keys at the end of the day.

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