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The new Sitpack ZEN is the worlds most compact, and functional seating that is designed to train your posture, both when outdoor and indoor. Sitpack ZEN is literally an ergonomic, height adjustable chair that relieves and improves any standing position.     

3 years ago we created Sitpack here on Kickstarter, and with the help of 7071 awesome backers from KS and Makuake, Japan.  

Now we are thrilled to finally be back with a new innovation!

Sitpack ZEN is created based on feedback from thousands of backers – who wanted portable seating made more: COMPACT, STRONGER, LIGHTER, MORE ADJUSTABLE and much more COMFORTABLE.   

All of which boils down to our core philosophy of making portable seating convenient and awesome.

When we first made the Original Sitpack we confined us to a set cylindrical shape of the 50Cl Beverage can. Back at the drawing board, we could let our imagination run free - and craft something that incorporates, materials that are strong and light enough to fulfil our expectations.

The Y-Shape of the ZEN gives the perfect angel for suspending a seat that in essens holds it self suspended by the weight of the user. The "hammock" shaped seat provides equal amounts of comfort as it does flexibility.

Using only high-end materials we are able to achieve some extraordinary awesome specifications. It is very important to us that we do not compromise with the materials. We want this chair to last you a life time.

Made with more intuitive features along the tubes, Sitpack ZEN is easy to use right out of the box. Open, pull, twist and enjoy. While developing the product, and during the coming months we will be co-designing the white markings on each tube, with feedback from our backers. Follow the white markings and you are set-up in just seconds.

Sitpack ZEN series only uses a symphony of grade A materials: Carbon fiber, Aerospace grade Aluminium, Tactical Mesh, Ballistic fibre and Kevlar webbing. With these materials combined with impeccable engineering we have created the most robust, height adjustable and lightweight chair in the universe (or, have we … at least we’ll battle any extra terrestrial in small chair competitions any day.)

By using Sitpack ZEN at the office and at longer, standing events you are able to train your posture, which leads to a boosts your energy levels, motivation, concentration.

Stuck at a desk all day? our bodies are not designed for it, neither are we designed to stand. Humans are design to walk. Sitpack ZEN is the solution that let you stay active during a "stationary" job. I bet you are slouching over you laptop right now?

 It's no secret that you work position can quickly give you an aching neck or back, which can turn into chronic pain. Everyone will experience this type of pain in their life. We can only help to train your sitting/standing posture so that you'll not experience these shooting pains.

If you use Sitpack ZEN just 30 minutes a day, we guarantee that you'll feel the difference. Great for the office, actively watching TV, gaming and any outdoor activity where standing is needed for long periods of time.

 In order to make Sitpack pro the slimmest and lightest portable seat in the world we had to push the technologies and the materials to the limit.

Sitpack ZEN originates for a mash up of inspiration from ancient foldable seats, to nature.Our seat design evolves from the study of nature. Nature provides us with the most elegant constructions, so why not use them. 

In order to make Sitpack pro the slimmest and lightest portable seat in the world we had to push the technologies and the materials to the limit. Everything down to the screws is specifically designed for the purpose and custom made in order to avoid making any compromises regarding quality, weight and size.

We have successfully created and fulfilled a kickstarter project before. Since we launched Sitpack back in Oct. 2014 - our skill set i vastly improved along with a stronger production network to ensure you the highest quality. Design Awards are expensive, so we have only 3, we are more interested in your appreciation of what we are building.

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