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Sitpack 2.0 comes back better and stronger!

We've listened to our consumers and we've solved two of the main concerns that they have voiced. 

We've increased the user friendliness by:  

  • Adding anti jamming rings that prevent the tubes from jamming up. 
  • Incorporated foot clamps that keep the foot firm in place

Prices have also been dropped! (always a piece of great news) 

So what's new?

At first glance there's not much that we've done to the Sitpack, but never judge a book by it's cover! In comparison to Sitpack 1.0 you are now able to adjust the seating levels to any height, which is hugely beneficial for all heights and sizes. Plus we've also added a foot clamp that makes switching out the foot a breeze! 

We have created two new molds and reengineered another three. All of this is done in Denmark, at our production facility in a small city called Ans close to Silkeborg. The additional two molds brings us to a total of 10 molds to make one Sitpack!

The improvements are just a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo, but below is a brief summary of what we've been working on. 

New and improved version. 

  • Increased user-friendliness: One keyword that describes the new version is user experience. The whole design process of 2.0 has been focusing on making Sitpack even more simple to use. 


Alligator foot clamp

Another massive improvement is the new way the foot is mounted. Instead of twisting the rubber foot into the leg, it is simply clicked in place with a snapfit – holding it in the right position at all time and making it very easy to insert and exchange if necessary. 

Revolution Rings

New-patented locking mechanisms, made of PERLEX R2520, which makes Sitpack stronger and capable of withstanding more weight. The new locking mechanism also increases the adjustment functionality. Now it’s possible for users to lean/sit at any of the six heights.



Imagine if you could pop out a foldable seat when your back and knees starts aching, watching your favourite sports or concert!

Imagine not having to carry a clumsy chair with you when going hunting, fishing or bird watching!

Remember standing in 2+ hour passport lines after 8 hours of flight or waiting for delayed transportation!

NOW, IMAGINE: Having a seat in your pocket that will help you stay focused and active, keeping you in eye height with your standing friends, while being inconspicuous enough for nobody to notice!


The World's Most Compact Foldable Seat:

We have made folding and unfolding super easy by decorating all moveable parts with pictograms, that will take you on a guided tour of how to open and securely locking your Sitpack. By flipping the sides of Sitpack upwards a seat is formed and an adjustable leg is revealed, adjustable from 17 cm to 87 cm and supports up to 130 kg. The leg is extended by pulling the lowest part to its extreme and the turning the top slider and bottom at the same time in opposite direction. A sweet clicking sound will tell you are doing the right thing, and the pictograms will visually tell you that the product is securely fastened, and ready for resting.

Let us carry some weight!

At the football pitch, at outdoor summer concerts, waiting for the train, that is notoriously delayed, and in the bar. (Yes, we have tried it - works like a charm). And best of all Sitpack makes ergonomic resting affordable. Most foldables, are clumsy and inconvenient, and worst of all they seat you in the worst position thinkable - especially if used with a standing crowd. The clear physiological benefit when using Sitpack is Balance and core is stimulated, and your back is automatically straightened which increases blood flow and keeps you focused. Small is the new black! Everything we own, computers, headphones, mobile phones, even our clothes are made in compact travel editions. Except for resting. This is not the case anymore!

Colors Available:





Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Anonymous
    Sitpack’s one of a kind telescopic mechanism allows for extreme compactibility and portability, designed to be quick and easy to use! For the first time ever it's truly hassle free to bring a seat for resting while on the go - fold and unfold it in seconds, and you're ready to keep moving...
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  • joelleong
    Hi Miss Siew, currently I do not see your order in the hunt that ended, unless you used a different account. If you need further verification you can email us at thanks! =)
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  • misssiew
    Hi I have indicated my interest but not sure was it in the one ended. Is there anyway to check it. I need this product by sep. Thanks.
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  • joelleong
    Hi Miss Siew! If you're looking to join in the next run, simply indicate your request here: If you've already done so, you'll get an email once t
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • misssiew
    Hi I really want to get this sitpack. I think I click but how to confirm?
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  • joelleong
    Hey Xiangjie - great news! Sitpack is expecting a Camo restock so we're adding it as an option to the hunt. You can select this option at checkout. Cheers! =)
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  • joelleong
    Hey Xiangjie thanks for the request - will check this for you!
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  • Is the camo version available?
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  • Sign in or Register to leave a comment
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