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The Simble is a paradigm shift to the Smartwatch world. As a perfect hybrid of elegance in design and smart technology, it is here to offer you a better quality of life. You’ll enjoy the little details like it’s expertly hidden cutting-edge technology built under the minimalist design. Or the fact that it helps you get the most out of the little amount of time in your day while also being able to complete any outfit with finesse. The classic watch-face means there are no bright or oversized LED screens, loud notifications or need to charge it before going out. You no longer have to give up luxury for the smart functions you want.


The Simble uses a high-powered CR2032 button battery, meaning you’ll never have to charge it! Its average lifetime is 250 days, the longest out of any smartwatch currently on the market. It does everything a smartwatch does with the power of a traditional watch battery.


The Simble is designed to look, be, and act elegant. It is a natural extension of your style, class, and character. The stainless steel body & traditional watch face show a different you to the world, while the tech inside shows you everything else.

 The Simble’s design hides a number of smartwatch features inside the tasteful body of a classic watch, and tells you everything you’d want to know without informing everyone around you. With a simple, elegant face, it’s beautiful to look at as it draws upon the honored tradition of its ancestors; the uncountable, timeless wristwatches of ages past.


The Simble watch face is covered and protected by a sapphire glass cover, which is highly resistant to scratches and abrasion. It’s so strong that it is 15 times stronger than regular glass. We modeled our protection after Swiss watch brands, such as Rolex, Tissot, and Jean Perret who all use the same Sapphire glass coating to protect their watch faces.


Express yourself with your Simble. Whether you prefer a classic leather, rugged NATO or the fashionable Milanese band, don’t miss out on the opportunity to demonstrate your style and class. There are 3 different bands, with the three different Milanese Mesh bands, so you can choose the one says “you”.


Carrying the build of traditional watchmaking, the Simble is a mechanical watch made to last a lifetime. The tiny intricate gears, springs, and sprockets are protected by a stainless steel body which is guaranteed to put up with the same daily stress you do.


The Simble smartwatch can stand up to the pressure. Like the pressure 50 meters of water has.  


No matter where in the world you go the Simble keeps up with you. It automatically adjusts to your time zone, so you’ll never be late for a flight or miss a siesta ever again!


Get moving with Simble’s fully loaded activity tracker. Keeping an eye on everything from step-counting, distance, to monitoring your heart-rate. It even works when you don't. The advanced sleep monitor tracks your sleep pattern, learns when you sleep and when you wake up and works to give you a more restful night.


The Simble smartwatch is powered by the newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Giving you double the speed, quadrupled range, and eight times the connectionless data broadcasts.



The Simple watch lets you choose who or what is allowed to interrupt you. Allow the right people to reach you with a gentle vibration. The vibration and the indicator of the watch hands tell you what kind of notification you are receiving. No need to keep an eye on your phone. Distractions are costly, so be picky.




The D-MAP app seamlessly connects your Simble to your phone, allowing you to see the data in collects in real time, take photos using your Simble, and access and customize all of the functions available. The app also comes with over-the-air updates to give you the latest functions and to keep the Simble running smoothly. Just tap to accept the download and it will begin.


The built-in camera control lets you switch places, from always being the person behind the camera to sharing the moment in front of it. Take a picture from your phone by just shaking your Simble back and forth.



Simble is all about creating a smartwatch with modern functionality under a traditional watch design. Thought of and built by Haslip. We formed in January of 2016, originally specializing in healthcare and big data, but our aim was to provide the best services based on personal data. With this in mind we’ve now expanded into integrating personal motion and physical data (PMPD) into an intelligent terminal, creating the Simble smartwatch and the D-MAP mobile app. Our early prototypes were met with healthy excitement and success and we managed to find our initial funding from Chinese backers to create our first prototypes and iron out the design flaws. Now, with an perfected Simble smartwatch, we are hoping to start shipping globally and provide a smartwatch which perfectly blends high functionality into a timeless look.


What is the battery lifetime and model?

The battery lasts up to 250 days and it is a CR2032 button battery.


Is it waterproof?

Yes it is waterproof up to 50 m.


How does it connect to my phone?

It connects through Bluetooth 5 and through the D-Map app.


What app does the Simble connect to?

The D-Map app. It is available for Android and iOS.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We are offering FREE shipping worldwide.


How long is the watch strap?

The watch straps width is 20mm and the length is versatile. We can change it to fit whatever size you need.


What is the diameter of the watch face?

The diameter of the watch face is 40 mm.


Can I change the strap?

Yes you can.


Is it necessary for the Simble to be connected to my phone all the time?
No. The Simble can store up to 30 days of data onto its internal memory. However being disconnected from bluetooth will affect some functions.


Does the watch have memory to collect activity and sleep data when it is not paired with the app?

Yes, the Simble has an internal memory and can store up to 30 days of tracking info on it without connecting/syncing and transferring this data to your phone.

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