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About this project

We created SILA with the ambition to bring something new to the feminine watch market. SILA isn't just another man's watch adapted for women. It's a watch with women in mind: feminine, creative, colorful and chic.


Why choose one when you can have them all? SILA is one watch with 20 different looks.

SILA will unleash the potential of your wardrobe, offering you a wide choice of interchangeable straps in gorgeous colors.

Inspired by vintage women's watches, we designed a watch that would perfectly fit a woman's wrist and her jewelry. Fall in love with its mini precious size. A true jewel-watch, a new addiction. 

SILA watches fit all wrist sizes. 

Twist your look with a quick click! We've invented a smart new way to easily change your strap. 

Go from day to night, the office to a dinner party by upping your day outfit to an evening game with a quick click.

The SILA watch comes in three metal colors: silver, gold and rose gold. You can choose between 20 colors of straps and 2 strap materials: Jewelry Chain and Waxed Enhanced Cotton. 





We have teamed up with renowned watchmakers with decades of experience. We are so confident with the quality of our watch, that each of our timepieces comes with a 2-year guarantee.


To go with your SILA watch, because we, women, just LOVE to layer bracelets, we have designed the ideal bangle bracelet that would perfectly echo and match your watch. It's feminine, sophisticated yet minimalistic. Get the full look!



If you are new to Kickstarter, here is how it works: If you like the SILA watch and you want to help us bring SILA to life, you can make a pledge by clicking the green "Back this project" button. In return for your support you will be among the first to receive a SILA watch and other great rewards.

Note that in the reward table above, the full watch always comes with a waxed cotton strap and the additional watch straps are in waxed cotton. To upgrade your full watch or strap to jewelry chain add +$20 per strap you want to upgrade to your total pledge amount (see add-ons below).


If you don't find what you want in the above "REWARDS" chart, you can tailor your own purchase basket. You just need to calculate the total amount corresponding to what you would like to buy. Once you know, select the "TAILOR-MADE" pledge/contribution and just enter the amount and pay ! 

FYI, Kickstarter won't show the detail of what you bought, just the total amount. 

Colors ? You'll choose later ! :) You'll receive a survey after for your metal and strap colors. 

In the chart below, we've calculated some basket amounts to help you. Find your amount depending on how may watches and extra straps you wish to order.

To note, every watch already comes with a cotton strap !









SILA stands for "Sorry I'm late Again". Reminds you of anyone? 

Our brand is for all women, from the go-getter to the yogis, planners to daydreamers, who live their life to the fullest, and always, have a good reason to be late! 

Share your own stories by using #SILA #SorryImLateAgain. The best picture wins a free watch.




Please check the FAQ at the bottom of the page. 

If that doesn't help, e-mail us at


 Risks and challenges

We are beginners on Kickstarter, but our manufacturing partners have years of experience in the industry! We are aware our project is complex and that there are always unforeseen issues, but we have anticipated and planned for potential risks and have built a rock-solid production and delivery plan.

Firstly, our production is quite advanced and you can be very confident about our capacity to provide high-quality products on time. We spent over 1 year designing, developing, and receiving finalized samples.

Secondly, we have very skillful and professional suppliers and do not anticipate delays to our timeline. However, if by chance anything unexpected happens, we promise to keep you informed, both during the campaign and afterwards.

Thanks for all the support! We are excited to take this next step with you, the Kickstarter community!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
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