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We target your phone's biggest weaknesses 

+ Battery life 

+ Storage

C size battery charge test from 0% on iPhone 8


Our biggest decision... was small

We know mAh is important to our backers, and it’s important to us. But the fact is, capacity comes at a cost… size. At Flintu we ask the question: what use is a 20k mAh bank if it's not on you 24/7?

The dead phone issue is as prevalent today as it’s ever been. People are still getting caught out without charge. This fact tells us the problem isn't properly being addressed - the key is portability and versatili


Use case A

"When I run out of phone battery I want to..." 

Call a loved one, text my boss, get an address out of my phone, navigate to a meeting, contact my kids, receive an important call, be contactable, get an UBER, text a date. 

- You need SideKick by Flintu 

Use case B

"When I run out of phone battery I want to..." 

Watch YouTube, catch up on subscription tv, live stream, take lots of photos, use heavy apps, record a meeting, Facetime loved ones. 

- You need to carry a power pack



Up to 64GB of storage
Up to 64GB of storage


charge off-the-grid
charge off-the-grid


Quick charge by USB
Quick charge by USB


Japanese made Li-ion booster - built in
Japanese made Li-ion booster - built in



Flintu Mag-Charge terminals in action

N52 Neodymium Mag-Charge terminals. The strongest grade of magnet available.

MagCharge neodymium terminals - 1 Litre strength test Passed!

Power bridge - strength test passed!

Flash Storage and Phone Data Back-Up
on you 24/7




The Specs   





The power bridge

This diagram shows the flow of electricity which is enabled by SideKick’s clever power bridge design.






About the founders

Evan Stuart is a dedicated electrical engineer with a proven track record of problem-solving with innovative solutions. He graduated from the University of Sydney in 2006 with an honors degree in Electrical Engineering and has since been working for a major audio company, performing a variety of roles from hardware designer to software engineer.

Evan may be the only person in the world who after receiving his first remote control car at the age of six, immediately pulled it apart and tried to make a remote-control door for his cubby house.

Luke Trevitt is an award winning designer and product creative born in Sydney, Australia. He strives to create solutions that are human-centred and anchored to real human problems. Luke has worked with the likes of Google, Kellogg’s, Samsung and TedX.

At the age of ten, much to his mother's dismay, Luke turned his newly gifted electronic putt-putt machine into a portable, battery powered BB gun.

Heya internet, I hear you liked sloths...
Heya internet, I hear you liked sloths...

Luke and Evan met as teenagers in 1999 in their local suburban Sydney butcher shop. It was here that they shared their respective debuts into the workforce and forged a lasting friendship. Since those early days of bonding amidst chicken drumsticks, Luke and Evan have shared houses, trips around the world and eventually started developing products together. They founded Flintu in 2014.

It all started in a dark alley in Bogota... Well, sort of.

A few years ago, the co-founders of Flintu, Luke and Evan, were stranded in the mean streets of the Colombian capital at night. They were lost, their phone batteries were dead, and their hopes of finding their hotel were growing slim. After hours on the street, Evan (Flintu CTO) managed to “Macgyver” together what was to be the first prototype of Plan V. The founders got their phone online using 4 AA batteries and managed to find their way out of a tight spot.

That was the catalyst for starting Flintu (flin-too), creating super portable chargers to keep you connected and in control. Because whether you’re trying to text your partner, make an emergency call, find your way when you’re lost, the power of connection is important to us all.

Technical FAQs

How do I make sure it’s got the right connector for my phone? You will be sent a survey via email to select the SideKick model that’s right for your phone. SideKick is compatible with all phones including new iPhone 8 and X.

How do I choose the color of my SideKick? You will be sent a survey via email to select the color your SideKick.

When are you shipping my SideKick? The first shipments will begin in mid-December. We expect all shipments to be completed by early February.

How much charge do I get? SideKick has a small built-in Li-Ion battery to get you out of a jam, enough to keep you going for about two hours. If you need more juice you can pop on some AA, C or D alkaline/lithium cells. Please read our blogpost about if you’d like more information.

How fast does it charge? SideKick’s smart processor optimises the charge rate so your dead phone turns on quicker and stays on longer. In technical terms, it starts out charging at 1000mA and then gradually slows as the batteries deplete - this is so you stay connected longer.

What do the LEDs indicate? SideKick has two modes: Storage and charge. Storage is indicated by three solid LEDs. Charge is indicated by moving LEDs. SideKick’s smart processor continuously monitors how much power is being transferred to your device and will adjust the speed of the moving LEDs - faster the better.

What does the button do? Clicking the small button toggles between the Storage and Charger modes.

Can I transfer files from my phone to my SideKick? Yes. Simply connect SideKick to your phone and select storage mode by clicking the button twice.

Can I transfer files from my PC/Mac to my SideKick? Yes. Simply insert SideKick into the USB port on your PC/MAC to access the built-in USB flash drive.

How do I recharge the built-in Li-Ion battery? The internal battery recharges automatically while connected to a PC or wall-adaptor.

What is the MFI program? MFI (Made for iPhone) is a licensing program that ensures devices meet Apple’s stringent quality and compatibility requirements.

Is SideKick MFI certified?  SideKick has passed Apple’s automated technical tests and we’re in the process of obtaining full certification.


Plain text for translation and media partners

Every bit as powerful as it looks Versatile power - on your keychain It is NOT a 50,0000 mAh PowerPack that charges your iPhone 10 times over.

SideKick is your ‘get out of jail free card’ designed to help you out of tight situations.

The Essential Everyday Carry Connection is one of those funny things you only truly value when you lose it – When you're isolated.

Charge Off The Grid Get an emergency boost from AA, C and D size external batteries.

Charge On The Go Charge on-the-go with SideKick’s Japanese made 300mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery (2hrs).

Charge by USB Charge with SideKick’s built-in USB sync cable. This automatically recharges SideKick’s internal battery.

Fast Charge Need a boost fast? Flick on SideKick’s fast charge switch for a lightning fast recharge.

Carry it Wherever You Go SideKick by Flintu is so compact that it easily fits on your keychain, meaning it can be with you anywhere.

Storage When you Need it Store up to 128GB of data on your keys. Transfer from computer to device, device to phone, or phone to device.

“Because the best emergency charger is the one that’s on you”

Material Designed with durability and style in mind. SideKick is a combination of high-end TPR and smooth anodized aluminium.

Safety Engineered to protect you and your phone, Flintu uses Japanese designed and made Li-On batteries.

Manufacturing Manufactured at an Apple Approved MFI factory. Celebrating 30 years in consumer electronics manufacturing.

Packaging Designed to withstand postage stress and look great. Our heavy stock packaging will ensure your SideKick arrives in perfect shape.

10,000 Hours in The MakingIt’s taken us 3 years to get here. We’re ready for mass production

Concept Refinement Evolved from our first product Plan V. SideKick was to be a versatile, everyday carry charger which covered our customers 24/7.

Design Sketches We started feature refinement. The challenge became obvious: how to pack everything into a pocketable and durable form!?

Material Spec Durable. Stylish. Smart. The hunt was on for the perfect feel, strength and aesthetic to compose SideKick’s design.

Prototype R1 User testing found the product footprint was too large and the UX was confusing. Time to scale down and simplify.

Internal Battery “Great, but can it be charged?” A quick emergency charge was a common request during user testing. An internal battery was added to the spec-sheet!

Prototype R2 Sleek, stylish, rugged and no bigger than a car key. Things were falling into place for SideKick. Next up: make it mass-producible!

Mass Production Test The gap between prototype and mass producible product is closed. Evan lived in the factory for one month getting everything right. MP1. Check.

User Testing First round of products shipped for user-testing. Users shared their feedback and we listened!

Mass Production Our factory is primed for MP2 of SideKick. Tooling and electronics are ready + tested. SideKick is retail ready!

QC • 100% Production line test. • 50% Holding factory QC. • 20% Pre-ship testing – All products are unboxed and tested before they are shipped.

Registered shipping All items are insured and tracked to your front door. SideKick will be packed within a rugged padded carton.

This Kickstarter campaign breaks the mould In order to avoid shipping delays we’ve done all the heavy lifting upfront. Find out more in our campaign video above.

Shipping: Registered Insured and Europe-friendly Easy access Shipping info, means you’re in the know from factory to our front door

Why We Need You! We know first hand how painful failed and delayed KS projects can be. This time around we’ve done the heavy lifting up front. SideKick is ready to roll off the production line. We need your help to meet our manufacturer's minimum order quantity. Be the first to get SideKick on your keychain.

Thanks LEGENDS! Sharing stories, moments, solutions, ideas, feelings ...and videos of puppies, is what enriches our world and drives us to create meaningful change.

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