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Please note this is a Crowdfunding Hunt. While Grouphunt does not guarantee the promises as advertised by the creator, what we promise is to redistribute the goods to you as soon as we receive them, similar to if you placed the pledge on your own.

We are hunting for both the Wifi bundle and Cellular bundle here! The Wifi bundle consists the Streamcam Wifi, Magnetic Clip, Standard Clip, Power Chord, Extra Battery Park and Universal Mount Attachment. The Cellular undle consists the Streamcam Cellular, Magnetic Clip, Standard Clip, Power Chord, Extra Battery Park and Universal Mount Attachment.





mag clip

std clip


battery pack



How does the LTE work? Is there a monthly cost?

There's no monthly cost for LTE because Shonin provides only the connectivity, not the data plan. Backers will have complete control over their data by providing their own SIM card with a data plan.


Is there a cost for cloud storage?

Not for Indiegogo backers. You guys are in this with us from the start, so you will get 2 years of free 10GB. But normally yes there will be a monthly cost for the premium level of our cloud capabilities including higher capacity storage.


Does the camera only record to the cloud or can it record to an internal SD card too?

Shonin Streamcam will *always* be recording to an internal SD card (an 8GB card is included). The cloud-recording capability is in addition to this and, when activated, it will record to *both* the internal SD card and the cloud. This way you will always have access to the full video even if there is bad reception.


What is the maximum micro SD card can the camera use?

Maximum is 64GB.


What are the differences between the LTE and the Wifi model?

The Wi-Fi model and LTE models are exactly the same in all respects, except that the cellular model can connect to the internet without using a phone, if you provide a SIM with a data plan and insert it into the device.


What resolution is the video?

You will be able to stream or upload video to the cloud at 720p. At the same time you will also be able to save video to the internal SD card in either 720p or 1080p (30fps).


How does the camera connect to the cloud?

The WiFi model connects to the cloud simply through a hotspot on your phone, or by connecting to an available WiFi network. You can control this from the settings in the Shonin app.

The Cellular model can also use the phone's hotspot, but also has the ability to connect directly to the cloud by itself when you insert a SIM card with a data plan directly into the camera.


Will there be both iOS and Android versions of the app?

Yes, absolutely.

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  • Jane - Grouphunter

    Hey Lawrence, if the hunt doesn't hit the minimum quantity our practice is to renegotiate with the creators to see if they're still willing to fulfil it at this agreed price. Many times, they do although some would either ask for a top up in price or in some cases they will not want to fulfil the order at all so we'll refund your money back to you(: Hope this helps!

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  • lawrence

    Hi, what if this hunt does not reach the 20 unit min quantity? Will the order still proceed at $319.90 or will the entire hunt be called off?

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