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Grouphunt Note

Sheer comes from local startup, The Minimalist Brand. Support local and buy this fantastic jacket with us to save money and enjoy FREE delivery when you join the hunt. 


Water Resistance Test
Water Resistance Test


Water Resistant Zippers
Water Resistant Zippers


Inner Lining: Bamboo Fabric - Anti Odor and Anti Bacteria Growth
Inner Lining: Bamboo Fabric - Anti Odor and Anti Bacteria Growth


Anti Bacteria - Bamboo has many anti-bacterial qualities. It helps to reduce bacteria that causes unpleasant odor on your clothing. This is especially good for prolong outdoor activities/travelling so you do not smell awful wearing the same jacket everyday (you can pack lighter on road trips as well!). 

Heat Regulator - Bamboo fabric has insulating properties that will keep your body temperature in check with the weather. 

The versatility of bamboo fabric makes it an excellent choice for the inner lining of the jacket!



Travel Pillow Hidden in Hoodie
Travel Pillow Hidden in Hoodie


2 Breaths to Inflate Pillow
2 Breaths to Inflate Pillow


Quick Deflate Mechanism
Quick Deflate Mechanism


We've integrated pockets for everything you need. Some of the key features: 

Phone Pocket - Big enough to fit an iPhone 7 Plus with ease.

Shades Pocket - Included a loop to hold your shades in place.





 Earphone Management



Keeping the Gloves
Keeping the Gloves


Putting on the Gloves
Putting on the Gloves

Detachable Utility Clip

We have also included a detachable clip/zipper/bottle opener which you can choose whether to bring it around.

A Handy Bottle Opener Anytime You Need It!
A Handy Bottle Opener Anytime You Need It!



Ready to Wear in Seconds!
Ready to Wear in Seconds!





*Please note that the measurement of the sleeve is from the back of your neck to the knuckles (we included the gloves in the measurement).










Our Story

The Minimalist Brand works in a humble studio based in Singapore, rounding up the knights of the not-so-round table made up of 3 friends. We started out designing minimalist wallets, launching our first campaign on Kickstarter in 2014 and received very positive feedback and reviews. Over the next 12 months, we continued to redesign and innovate on slim wallets.  

Shawn, Alphonso and Edwin.
Shawn, Alphonso and Edwin.

Fast forward to 2016, we felt that we were limiting our creative juices to just wallets; we could do more. Since then, we have been designing, tinkering and prototyping all sorts of crazy ideas and bringing the best of our innovations to you.

Our Design Principles

Our products has been designed and built upon the principles of “One Thing Less” - One thing less to carry around, one thing less to worry about. It is also affectionately abbreviated by the team as “OTL” - Ingenious designs that makes you kneel on the ground and wonder “why didn't I think of that?”

We challenge ourselves to do the thinking, innovating to create the products we believe will improve the efficiency of our daily lives.

All you have to do is to enjoy the simplicity derived from the complexity.

Original Link

Trailhead Adventure Shorts

$63.00 $81.00

BULLET 02 | World's Smallest Flashlight, Even Smaller. 3rd Run


HELIO - Solar Light & Powerbank For Adventures & Emergencies 2nd Run


Orbitkey 2.0 6th Run

$29.90 $54.90

B-2 Nano Blade - World's Smallest Tactical Pocket Knife 3rd Run

$39.90 $54.00

UVPaqLite Reusable Glow Sticks 3rd Run

$7.00 $28.00

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