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  • Smoother running experience with a magnetic phone case that lets you easily access your apps while running 
  • Smarter training with accurate heart rate measurement that lets you personalize your sessions according to your own personal goal

Grouphunt deal features ONE Shapeheart Armband in your desired color

Shapeheart is the most convenient system ever created to exercise with your smartphone. Our durable armband offers:

  • a smoother running experience with a magnetic phone case that lets you easily access your apps while running 
  • smarter training with accurate heart rate measurement that lets you personalize your sessions according to your own personal goals

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Over the past year, Shapeheart has been tested by dozens of members of our community on their workouts. Our armband is now ready to be manufactured and you will be funding the first batch of production.

 No need to weigh yourself down with additional devices on your run. We've added what your phone was missing: a sensor for accurate heart rate measurement.

With our magnetic phone case your heart rate becomes easier than ever to access, making your phone a real running device:

Heart rate is the only data that indicates the real intensity of your effort. It helps find the right pace to keep you away from burnouts or injuries, and make faster progress towards your personal goals: weight loss, race preparation, or reaching your personal best finish time... 


Positioned inside the black or red silicon part of the armband, it pairs with your phone via Bluetooth (LBE). Our sensor has been studied to accurately measure your pulse on this upper part of your arm.


Once paired via bluetooth, your heart rate is directly displayed into your favorite running app, so you can easily check your pace, distance, and heart rate at a glance from the same interface.

 Check our video for a set up demo video:

The armband is positioned in the ideal spot for our sensor, making its readings more trustworthy than fitness devices worn on the wrist. Here is why the upper arm is more accurate:

  • no light interference for optimum sensing 
  • more stability, as the top of your arm swings less than your wrist 
  • no hair interference, which can impede sensors on the forearm

Position our Winter Kit under your clothes to keep the sensor in contact with your skin. Once dressed, put the armband on with your phone. You're ready to go. 





Once you have chosen the size that's right for your arm, the band stays secured -- so putting Shapeheart on will always be a cinch. Smart, isn’t it?



  • quickly unlock your phone with Shapeheart's fingerprint hole
  • touch-screen windowed compartment approved by our community to easily control your phone's features.



Five runners in our community tested Shapeheart under intense rain during the Paris Half Marathon in March 2017. Their phones were unscathed, thanks to the protective sleeve on the top of the case! Nevertheless, we do not recommend exposing your phone to water.

 No risk of your phone falling while you work out! Check out this video:


Why should you put up with an expensive, cumbersome second device, when your smartphone already integrates all the other features that make your run enjoyable (running apps, music, GPS…)? With ShapeHeart, you access the huge value of heart rate monitoring with a smart budget.




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