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We will try to deliver before Christmas! No promises though, as it will depend on the availability of the Scrubba team! :) 

Hunt extension will not affect delivery date! 

An evolution of the original Scrubba wash bag, the lightweight stealth pack offers greater functionality for travellers, outdoor adventurers, and eco-commuters by combining the signature internal washboard with several new features to enable innovative stealth functions for: 

  • washing clothes anywhere
  • keeping gear dry
  • showering anywhere
  • packing smaller

Outdoor enthusiasts can now do more with less by using just one lightweight bag to protect their gear from the elements, compress down bulky items like jackets and sleeping bags, and even wash their clothing and themselves, absolutely anywhere. 

Keeping gear protected from rain and dry at the beach, the stealth pack is the ideal backpack for travellers. At night, it can be used to wash clothing in just minutes, saving money while reducing luggage size. The Scrubba stealth pack can also be used as a convenient carry-on bag, or can be packed down small thanks to the compression function.

A durable, weatherproof backpack spacious enough to accommodate daily essentials and most laptop sizes, the stealth pack is ideal for commuters who are routinely exposed to the elements.  

1 pack | 4 stealth functions | No limits


Key features of the Scrubba stealth pack


Weatherproof function - keep gear dry

The 40 denier, TPU coated nylon fabric works in conjunction with the weatherproof seal to protect your gear from whatever the elements - or your adventures - might throw at it.


Washing machine function - wash clothes anywhere

Equipped with our signature flexible, internal washboard, the stealth pack is able to provide a machine-quality wash anywhere in just minutes. Simply add water and cleaning liquid, roll down the top and seal the bag, remove air through the twist-valve, and rub for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. After a quick rinse in the bag, clothing is ready to dry.


Compression bag function - pack smaller

Minimise your luggage and maximise your travels! The Scrubba stealth pack's XL twist-style valve works with the shoulder straps to compress gear. Simply fill with clothing, roll and clip, expel air via the valve, wrap and clip the shoulder straps, and pack and go.


Camp shower function - shower anywhere

Perfect for overnight treks, camping out in the wilderness, or quickly rinsing off after a trip to the beach. Simply add 4-6 litres of water (1-1.5 gal), use one of the shoulder straps to clip the pack upside down, and twist the valve to control the water flow.


Other features - Load it up and go

Boasting multiple gear loops for the easy attachment of small items, a carry handle for maximum portability, and adjustable shoulder and sternum straps for heightened comfort, the stealth pack has got your back through every adventure.  



Scrubba stealth pack specs

Travel clean, light and free with the Scrubba stealth pack

The following image shows the final packaged Scrubba stealth pack:





How does the Scrubba stealth pack differ from the Scrubba W pack? 

In addition to switching out our vivid Scrubba green fabric for a neutral black that allows for increased discreetness, the Scrubba stealth pack is 40% larger, enabling it to easily carry more gear and to more effectively wash bulkier items. The Scrubba stealth pack also carries an array of updates that improve upon our original design, and is thus a more technical backpack that has been built specially for the outdoors. The old squeeze valve located on our W pack has been replaced with an XL twist-style mechanism to allow for easier compression and greater versatility, while the shoulder straps have been upgraded for maximum comfort and durability. The stealth pack also features a square base for increased accessibility, along with gear loops for the convenient attachment of small outdoor accessories and a side handle for maximum portability. 

Just how multi-functional is the Scrubba stealth pack? 

We are passionate about creating multi-functional items that can be helpfully adapted in a multitude of ways to increase productivity in both urban jungles and rural environments. Although the primary uses of the Scrubba stealth pack are as a high-quality backpack, wash bag, compression dry bag, and camp shower, we have received much feedback over the years in relation to a diverse range of impressive uses for our products, bound to suit all travellers' needs. These include filling the pack with clothing, either to use as a makeshift pillow or to provide a soft environment that is ideal for transporting delicate items and souvenirs, and filling with ice for use as a makeshift ice pack/bag. Removing the stealth pack's detachable shoulder straps can afford even greater versatility, enabling the pack to be compactly stored in a larger case for use as a packing cell or laundry bag that separates dirty clothes from clean ones. 

How does the Scrubba stealth pack wash clothes?

The Scrubba stealth pack works on the same principle as an old-fashion washboard, and functions in an identical manner to our earlier Scrubba wash bag and W pack products. To wash a load of clothing, you need simply add clothes, water, and your preferred detergent to the appropriate marking level indicated on the bag's exterior, roll down the top seal and clip the ends together, twist open the valve to remove excess air, seal the valve, and then rub clothes against the internal washboard for 30 seconds - 3 minutes. You can monitor the washing process via the pack's clear viewing window. When clothes are clean, you need simply unseal the bag, replace the dirty water with fresh water, reseal without deflating, give the bag a firm shake to rinse off residual detergent, and then remove and hang the clothes to dry. 

How can I use the stealth pack as a camp shower? 

When hung from a tree and clipped upside down using one of the shoulder straps, the Scrubba stealth pack's XL valve is capable of releasing a slow, steady stream of water. This transforms it into makeshift, outdoor shower that is perfect for overnight treks, camping out in the wilderness, or quickly rinsing off after a trip to the beach. Simply fill the bag with 4-6 litres (1-1.5 gal) of water, roll and clip the opening, and twist open the valve to wash off the sweat of a long day. You can even use the valve to adjust the water flow as you shower.  

How can I use the stealth pack as a compression bag? 

Although the stealth pack makes for an ideal piece of carry-on baggage, we understand that everyone travels differently and that some travellers may prefer a different type of carry-on/day bag. To ensure that the stealth pack remains beneficial for these people, we have included a compression feature that enables you to downsize your luggage in order to avoid a bulky, disorganised suitcase. The Scrubba stealth pack's XL twist-style valve enables the bag to compress down for maximum storage and portability, allowing you to always implement the most efficient packing strategy. Simply load the stealth pack with gear, roll and clip the top, release the air via the valve, and tighten the straps around the bag to cinch everything in place and ensure it remains as compressed as possible throughout your journey. Then insert your compressed bag into a larger suitcase or backpack to benefit from smaller, lighter luggage. This method is also great for keeping gear neat and organised throughout your travels, preventing you from losing sight of that one, pesky sock!

Should I use the stealth pack as a compression bag or as carry-on luggage?

The choice is yours! If you already have a favourite carry-on bag or struggle to find efficient methods for packing your suitcase, the compression feature could suit you. However, if you plan on using the Scrubba stealth pack as your day bag throughout your trip, and only require a basic backpack for your flight, using the stealth pack as a carry-on is likely your best option. As the stealth pack fits most laptop sizes and offers 21L of capacity, it is a handy piece of gear to take along on your flight, but the best feature is its adaptability, so you can variously use it as a carry-on bag, day bag, compression bag, or even as a packing cell or laundry bag, depending on what suits your needs at any given time. 

What are the dimensions of the Scrubba stealth pack?

The stealth pack has a maximum capacity of 21L and measures 54cm x 32cm (21 x 13') when laid flat.  However, as the washing method requires you to seal the bag and rub the clothes against the washboard from the outside, the optimal working volume for the washing process is around 2-8L (0.5-2 GAL).  The markings on the front of the pack make it easy to always add the right volumes. 

Is the stealth pack waterproof?

The Scrubba stealth pack is made from the same durable, waterproof material as our Scrubba wash bag and W packs, using the same manufacturing method. In this regard, the pack provides great protection from rain, snow, and the like. However, we would not recommend submerging the pack entirely, as water can escape through the seal from time to time. In this regard, the stealth pack is weatherproof and water-resistant, but is not totally waterproof and should therefore not be fully submerged if it is loaded with contents that cannot be exposed to water. 

What is the stealth pack made from? 

The stealth pack is made from a durable 40 denier nylon fabric with a polyurethane coating to ensure maximum style, comfort, and durability. 

How long does a load take to wash in the Scrubba stealth pack?

For a machine quality wash, we recommend using a few drops of washing detergent and then rubbing the clothes against the washboard for 2-3 minutes. For stubborn stains, the clothing may be rubbed for longer and/or allowed to soak in the stealth pack prior to rubbing. If soaking clothing in the stealth pack, ensure it is stored upright (e.g. seal facing upwards) to prevent water wicking through the seal.

Are the straps adjustable and removable?

Yes. The straps can be fully adjusted according to your own preference, and can be removed as needed, giving you the flexibility to travel in a way that suits you. 

How much luggage will fit in the stealth pack?

The stealth pack is a 21L backpack that is capable of holding most of the gear you would typically need for flights or basic day trips. It can accommodate most laptop sizes and has plenty of room left over for necessities including passports and wallets. The gear loops afford additional storage space, enabling small items like raincoats or drink bottles to be attached to the outside of the pack, freeing up space within. 

How much clothing can be washed in the Scrubba stealth pack at once? 

The Scrubba stealth pack can accommodate plenty of gear when used as a backpack, but washing efficiency may be compromised if too much clothing is added during the washing process, so we recommend limiting the amount of items you wash together. With 40% larger capacity than the Scrubba wash bag, the stealth pack can typically wash about 3 t-shirts, a couple of pairs of socks, and a couple of pairs of underwear at once. Bulkier items, like jeans and jumpers/sweaters, should be washed separately for the best results. The recommended working volume is 2-8L (0.5-2 GAL), and the fill level markings on the bag's exterior will help you to determine the appropriate water levels in relation to different sized loads. 

Can I use hot water in the Scrubba stealth pack?

Due to the waterproof lining of the bag, we recommend that water no hotter than 50°C (122°F) be used. Simply put, if it is too hot to hold your hands in, the water is too hot for the Scrubba stealth pack.

How can I dry the Scrubba stealth pack after use? 
To expedite the drying process and achieve the best level of hygiene, we recommend removing the straps and turning the Scrubba stealth pack inside out after use.  When inverted, you can make good use of the clips to hang the bag to dry.

What cleaning liquid should I use in the Scrubba stealth pack?

We've found the use of liquid detergents to be more efficient, as they, unlike solid detergents (powders, leaves etc.), do not require additional time to dissolve. Using a liquid also enables active suds immediately, reducing the overall washing time. For ultra-lightweight travellers, a small dollop of 3-in-1 bodywash-shampoo-shave liquid may be used, as we have found that this typically works well in refreshing clothes.You can test for quantities of different cleaning products in the stealth pack by checking the amount of suds visible through the clear section of the bag. If you still have suds after 30 seconds of rubbing, you can probably reduce the amount of detergent for the next load. Optimising the amount is not only better for the environment, but will also minimise the amount of rinsing required. Avoid the use of detergents containing harsh chemicals, bleach, or ammonia, as these ingredients will reduce the Scrubba stealth pack's longevity.

How long will the Scrubba stealth pack last and how do I care for it?

The Scrubba stealth pack has been built to last, but you can take some small steps to ensure maximum longevity. These include avoiding contact with sharp objects that could puncture the fabric during the washing process, and avoiding washing with strong bleaches, on abrasive surfaces, and at high temperatures.

How do I dry my clothes after using the Scrubba stealth pack?

After rinsing the clothing, gently squeeze the excess water from your garments. You can then either hang the clothes to dry as normal or, to expedite the drying process, lay the wet garments on a clean, dry towel, before rolling up the towel to encase the clothes. Press down on the rolled-up towel to encourage water absorption, then hang the damp clothes to dry.

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  • huijie

    is this bag able to fold smaller than the 54cm × 32cm dimension, when empty? for example, their standard scrubba bag is able to fold much smaller, easier to bring around.

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    Hey Huijie! Apologies for the late reply, but yes the bag is definitely able to fold smaller than 54cm × 32cm when empty! I am sure that you would be able to testify to this :) Perhaps you would like to share your experience? :)

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  • This looks really cool! Never heard of - using a backpack to wash clothes. Think it will be really good to bring this for camping ; works as a day pack, dry bag, compartment pouch in your bigger pack. HMMM

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    I totally agree! Looks like it would pack really small too. Anything multi-functional & waterproof is always a winner in my books. What's the biggest pull factor for you? (mine is just imagining how many ways I can use this. I think it can also be a compression bag alternative to ziplocks!)

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