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  • Auto pause your device by clicking the buds together or auto play by separating them 
  • Answer your phone from via your necklace
  • No more fumbling for your earphones! Wear them fashionably around your neck!

Grouphunt deal features ONE Rozebuds in your desired color and length.

Do note that the Rozebuds only come in these configurations: 

  • Silver and Black - 20 inches 
  • Rose Gold and White - 17 inches 

You just found the infinitely convenient, every day wearable, automatically activating, instantly accessible, convertible earphones you've been looking for!

Our quest was to build the most convenient, fashionable earphones that you can access at any time because they double as a necklace! We also wanted to solve a long list of nagging headphones frustrations - tangling, accessing, locating, fumbling to activate, unsightly to look at, uncomfortable to use and the list goes on.

And we've achieved this with Rozebuds!

Rozebuds™ provides three major benefits and solves a slew of nagging problems within one slick earphones solution:

1. Your earphones double as a stylish necklace when not in use

  • Immediate, convenient access whenever you want your tunes
  • Wear in just about any social setting
  • No losing
  • No forgetting
  • No tangling


2. Auto pause your device by clicking the buds together or auto play by separating them

  • No fumbling for your phone or controls
  • Go between audio and standby instantly 
  • Never miss a bit of your favorite song or podcast again - start and stop from the same spot you left off


3. You answer your phone via your necklace

  • Necklace vibrates with an incoming call so you'll never miss one again (unless of course you want to)
  • No need to hunt for your phone to answer it
  • Restart audio on hang up or replace as necklace for standby mode


We rebuilt the concept of fashion earphones from the ground up.  Because we weren't beholden to any existing constructs, this allowed us to maintain an equal focus on designing two products simultaneously within one solution.   

Product Goal 1: An all day wearable necklace that doesn't look at all like earphones. While there are a number of existing on-neck earphone products today, we wanted something that could be worn discreetly to allow you to convert instantly between social and earphone-use situations. 

We have conducted hundreds of "social interaction tests" of our product. This is just a fancy way of saying we wore Rozebuds as a necklace out and about. In every case, strangers viewed Rozebuds as being a cool necklace, having no idea they were also earphones. The looks on people's faces was always priceless when we transformed them.

The necklace had to really stand on it's own. It had to look like a genuine fashion article that someone would be happy to wear as part of their outfit, and happy to include in a portrait (or even a selfie).

Product Goal 2: Premium quality Bluetooth earphones that have a close-to universal fit*, are comfortable, can be worn for long periods and do not fall out.

*The eardbud has been designed to fit the broadest possible range of ears.  We've done numerous fit-tests on ears of all sorts of sizes. While we can confidently say that we haven't found an ear yet that Rozebuds doesn't like, we can't guarantee they will fit all ears. 


Now let's get a little bit more into our patent pending auto pause feature. 

How it Works

Auto pause will work with your tablet and movies as well:


1. A versatile fully wearable fashion accessory

When you're not using your Rozebuds, you can wear them in just about any situation: socially, at work, at school, commuting, traveling, endless situations!

To provide fashion versatility, we went one step further in designing the necklace. Rozebuds offers two wearable options (it's like the reversible jacket of fashion earphones):

  • Wear the connected buds as the pendant, or 
  • flip your Rozebuds and wear the battery housing as the pendant.
Two ways to wear your Rozebuds
Two ways to wear your Rozebuds


Match your mood, vibe or outfit.
Match your mood, vibe or outfit.

2: The easiest-to-use earphones you'll ever own

Accessing your tunes couldn't be any easier. In the time it takes you to think about where you left your headphones today, you'd already be listening to your music with Rozebuds.  

Instant access and no more tangles!
Instant access and no more tangles!

3: Answer your calls with Rozebuds

How often have you missed that important call? With Rozebuds, it won't happen again because your necklace pendant will vibrate. Simply convert the necklace to earphones by placing the earbuds in your ears and you've answered that call.

4: Premium quality audio from your necklace 

This was amongst our most difficult challenges. The biggest problem was getting the speaker to live in harmony with the magnet. Given the speaker relies on electro magnetic signals, it was challenging to get the speaker and necklace magnet to cohabitate within the small footprint of the earbud and in such close proximity. It was also necessary to position the magnet in such a way to avoid obstructing the sound flow.

After numerous prototype revisions, tweaks and sound tests we finally got there. The shape of the buds also creates a tight seal within the ear canal and ensures direct sound transmission.  

In addition to insisting on sound quality that satisfied our discerning ears, we also successfully conducted the following tests:

  • Frequency Response
  • Spectral Flatness
  • Base Shaker Quality
  • Driver Matching
  • Binaural Test

5: A lifestyle solution

Rozebuds becomes part of your lifestyle.  From now on when you leave the house, your mental checklist reads:

  • Keys - check 
  • Wallet - check
  • Phone - check
  • Rozebuds - check
Rozebuds joins the ranks of your other essential lifestyle items
Rozebuds joins the ranks of your other essential lifestyle items


Rozebuds is much more than just another set of wireless earphones. They are designed to look elegant and simple, but with plenty of complex design and rich features embedded within.



The smart features are designed to make Rozebuds simple and convenient to use:

  • Magnetic sensors in the unique patented barrel-shaped buds automatically pause and play the device you are connected to 
  • The pendant vibrates to notify of an incoming call 
  • Disconnecting the buds automatically answers the call 
  • LED lights notify of remaining battery life 
  • The patented ball joint pivots the cord to the ideal angle for earphone or necklace use 
Fully charged
Fully charged

In addition to being ever-present and functionally "smart", Rozebuds is also all of the following:

  • Tangle free 
  • Becomes part of your getup so you're much less likely to leave behind 
  • Plays premium quality Bluetooth audio 
  • Provides full phone features 
  • Fits comfortably, can be worn for extended periods and won't fall out 
  • The earphone features and controls are hidden when worn as a necklace. No one will know that you're wearing earphones unless you show them. The reactions you'll get when people realize is priceless.

Explore in 3D

- Left click and drag to rotate. 
- Right click and drag to move. 
- Drag to zoom.


To start with, Rozebuds comes in two choices:

  • Silver and Black - 20 inches 
  • Rose Gold and White - 17 inches 

We will add more options over time, but for our first production run these will be your two choices.




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