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 Press kit can be accessed HERE


Inspired by modern design and marveling modern day architecture. The RIN bifold re-imagines the traditional bi-fold design by combining superlative materials, efficient craftsmanship, and design elements made for the modern individual.



In 2016, more than 1000+ amazing backers brought the most cash accessible wallet to market. With the success of the project, we figured a desire for a more accommodating wallet to hold more than just the bare minimum, but in a more refined and unique modern design that overshadows other conventional bi-fold wallets. 


Crafted with select materials: When designing the RIN bi-fold, we explored several materials that allowed us to achieve the design and level of quality that rivals the quality of other high end bi-fold wallet options in the market.  

With the RIN bi-fold, we combined 3 distinct leathers: the classic and natural finish of imported Italian leather, the free-flowing contoured design of epi-leather and the geometric heat-pressed calfskin to conceive the perfect distribution of a minimalist, yet complex aesthetic.

Flushed compartments: 

Other bi-fold wallets accommodate more cards by stacking layers of leather, thus making the wallet unnecessarily bulky. By integrating a card slot to the main leather panel, we are able to cut down the use of leather by 70%, while still allowing the user to organize and hold just as much cards as any traditional bi-fold design.

RFID Protective Compartments: 

To protect your RFID enabled credit cards, we embedded a metal fabric within the outer leather panel of the wallet. Both compartments can be utilized to hold RFID enabled credit cards, movie tickets, receipts or any other personal belongings.

Hand-painted waxed edges: 

Each wallet is meticulously hand-painted with a special wax coating to prevent edges from fraying with long term use.


Selecting each colorway was just as important as selecting each material for the RIN bifold. Each colorway drew inspiration from several elements that not only provide each wallet with a unique character, but also provides an aesthetic to suit your preference.

Aro Brown

 Features: Brown Italian leather/ Black calfskin leather/ Black textured exterior leather/ Black serafil thread/Internal embossed logo

Cobblestone Gray

 Features: Gray Italian leather/ Black calfskin leather/ Black textured exterior leather/ Black serafil thread/Internal embossed logo

Prussian Blue($10,000 stretch goal)

 Features: Blue calfskin leather/ Black textured exterior leather/ Gray serafil thread/Silver foil stamped logo

 Pine Green($20,000 stretch goal)


 Features: Green calfskin leather/ Black calfskin leather/ Black textured exterior leather/ White serafil thread/Gold foil stamped logo


Made with a thick cut of vegetable tanned leather. Our coin barrel allows the user to contain as much coins in a convenient and intuitive fashion.

Coin Barrel Prototype( Size subjected to change for a more efficient design)
Coin Barrel Prototype( Size subjected to change for a more efficient design)


 Why the coin barrel? When designing the RIN bifold, It was important to us that the wallet retains its minimalist and sleek profile with long term use. By conveniently attaching a carabiner to our coin barrel, the user can easily attach the coin barrel to their backpack, belt loop or keychain without having to deal with the unnecessary bulk and creases derived from stashing coins in their wallet. The perfect compliment to your new wallet!



  • Bi-fiold capacity- Can hold up to 8+ cards and 10+notes 
  • Bi-fold size- 8.6cm(Height) x 11.2cm(Width) Hold all domestic and international notes
  • Bi-fold thickness: 1cm(Empty) 
  • Coin barrel capacity- Can hold up to 15+ coins
  • Coin barrel size- 4cm(Diameter)x 5cm(Height)




From the same craftsmen that brought you the Rever Vant Clipfold. Each wallet will be meticulously crafted with painstaking detail and superlative quality materials that makes for a piece unique to any everyday carry collection. 






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