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Did you just plug in your beautiful iPhone to a tangled lightning cable and throw it on the cold floor? Or did you just lean your iPhone on anything you could grab?

This needs to stop now.  

If you think a smartphone dock is simply something to lean your iPhone on, you're wrong. At least that's not true anymore, now that there is Retroduck. We at Wisekids Corp. thought long and hard about how we could add new value to the smartphone, a device people all over the world rely on heavily every day, all day, for communication and entertainment. After much thinking and testing, we came up with Retroduck, a smartphone dock like no other. With one simple slide, Retroduck will instantly - and dramatically- transform your smartphone into a stylish, retro-style television, allowing you to enjoy it like your good ol' TV set at home.


Retroduck will transform your iPhone into a retro-style television anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is simply put it where you usually enjoy watching your entertainment apps and slide in your iPhone. Retroduck will not only transform into a convenient accessory - it will brighten up the room as a home decor.


Retroduck can double up as a convenient charging dock or as an awesome desktop clock. To charge, just insert your lightning cable into Retroduck's hidden cable guide for hassle-free charging. To transform your Retroduck into a bedside radio clock, simply download one of many radio clock apps available and your Retroduck will help you start a great day!


Removing and attaching Retroduck's front cover can be done effortlessly as the cover is made of magnet.


Retroduck's speaker kernels have been designed to enrich and enhance your iPhone's audio, making it sound like a natural stream from a television set.


Retroduck’s standing legs are available as standard accessories. These stable legs not only play a central role in making the Retroduck look retro, but are also crucial for maintaining a comfortable height and tilt for your eyes, wherever you choose to place it.


Meet hundreds of different exclusive accessories for Retroduck. These accessories are not mass-produced but are custom-made with 3D printers. That's why we are able to offer countless accessories. New accessories are being added as we speak, and anyone can download and print them.


Using a Retroduck is extremely simple: Open the front cover, secure the lightning cable in the cable guide, close the front frame and slide in your iPhone. And did we mention that the front frame is made of magnets and can be removed and attached effortlessly?


Retroduck is currently available in two sizes for iPhone only: one size to fit the standard iPhone 6, 6s, and 7 sizes, and a plus size for the 6+, 6s+ and 7+. It can be used together with iPhones that use original case covers, but we recommend using your iPhone with no cover for the best fit.




Retroduck mainframes come in three different moods to fit your iPhone color and the space you'll be using it in. How about Pop Red for a bright and cheerful interior space? Or Classical Brown for a warm and cozy living room? Or Mono White for a calm and minimal space? The choice is yours.



Wisekids is a Seoul based company that seeks to expand the use of 3D digital printing technology in our everyday lives and culture through creative experimentation. Wisekids is in the process of uncovering new values that result from the mixing and remixing of everything digital and analogue, online and offline, while placing importance on spreading and sharing these new values with as many people as possible. Retroduck is our first attempt at mashing up conventional mass production procedures and digital manufacturing for the purpose of hardware production. Our project aims to surpass the limits of conventional mass production by digitally manufacturing a small amount of diverse products that meet a wider range of customers' needs.

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