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To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to drink at least two liters of water a day. It releases energy and is good for your beauty and activity level.

You want to be sure that the water you drink is clean. It is a general obligation for EU countries that tap water is safe to drink and in the USA the Safe Drinking Water Act exists already for 40 years to protect public health by regulating the nation’s public drinking water supply.

To keep your drinking water clean, glass is the most suitable material. Our lid is free of PVC, bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates.


The biggest environmental impact of bottled water comes from transporting water all over the world. This costs energy and disturbs the natural cycle of water. Water is the essence of life and should not be exploited in a way that harms the environment, so we encourage drinking water from the tap using a reusable bottle. This is the most eco-friendly way to drink water.

Refilling your Retap Bottle is an easy step to support the environment. You can easily clean  and refill your bottle with tap water endlessly to make sure that there is no useless shipping of water.


The Retap Bottle is designed by 3PART, a Danish design agency. We proudly received a Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design Award and the Promotional Gift Award.

The Retap Bottle is especially designed for drinking water. You will notice how pleasant it is to drink directly from the bottle. This is mainly because of the shape and the material. The bottle is made of borosilicate glass which is lightweight and sustainable. The lids are made of thermoplastic elastomer, which is 100% safe (BPA and phthalate free).

Both the Retap Bottle and lid are produced in Europe.


Sometimes less is more. The Retap Bottle 03 has all of the strength and durability of the larger bottles, but fits comfortably in a car cup holder or a small carry bag. While smaller in stature, the opening on the Retap Bottle 03 remains consistent with the rest of the Retap lineup. This means that you can switch lids from any of your bottles with ease.

Dishwasher, Microwave and Refrigerator Safe.
The Retap Bottle is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe.



borosilicate glass 
0,3 l.
155 mm.
68 mm. (max)
183 gr. (with lid)

Red // Forest Green // Light Blue // Grey 

Dark Blue // Pink // Black 


The Retap Bottle 05 is our most versatile bottle. Yet, there’s nothing middle-of-the-road about it. Whether it’s your desk side companion or your hydration source when you’re on the go, the Retap Bottle 05 is the most popular choice. It fits comfortably in your hand while delivering the perfect pour every time.

Dishwasher, Microwave and Refrigerator Safe.
The Retap Bottle is designed in Denmark and manufactured in Europe.


Weight :

Borosilicate glass
0,5 l.
190 mm.
80 mm. (max)
202 gr. (with lid)

Dark Blue // Forest Green // Black // Pink 

Grey // Light Blue // Red


The Retap Sleeve is made from a textile that smoothly follows the curves of the Retap Bottle. It’s pleasant to hold and gives a good grip.

You can put the strap over the bottle for on-the-go or carry your Retap Bottle with you, on a finger or two. The Sleeve is an elegant cover that suits our Danish Design principles: simple and functional.



80% cotton, 17% polyamide
and 3% elastane


Light Blue, Black, Grey, Pink and Forest Green


Washable at 40°

Sleeve 03: Black // Grey // Light Blue // Pink 

Sleeve 05: Black // Grey // Pink // Forest Green 

Sleeve 05: Blue



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