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What is Repour?  The easiest, most effective wine preserver there is.  Aroma and taste.   Perfectly preserved.  Enjoy every glass.

Our Promise.  Repour works.  Every single time.  We'll never let your wine go bad - so you never have to worry about it.

People Talking about Repour.

It's Easy. Remove a foil seal and insert our smart stopper into your wine bottle. That's it. Really. Repour is activated to absorb oxygen when you remove the foil. When you walk away, we get to work.    


Come back anytime and get another glass...days, weeks or even months later. Your wine will be waiting patiently for you.  As fresh as when you first opened the bottle.  Simply remove our smart stopper from your bottle, pour a glass, and re-insert the smart stopper to save the rest for another day. 

It's Effective.  We absorb oxygen from the air above your wine.  In turn, oxygen is degassed from the wine to levels lower, way lower, than any preserving system.  Ever.  So low in fact, that your wine may need to "open up" again the next time you pour a glass.

No Oxygen.  No Wine Degradation.  No Wine Down the Drain. 

The Idea.  Almost two years ago, trying to sleep on the couch to let my wife, Michelle, get some much-needed rest while our newborn son "slept", I started thinking about the half bottle of wine that was just poured down the drain. Trying many of the gimmicks on the market thru the years with little success, I thought there must be a better way of getting rid of nuisance oxygen in leftover wine.  As a chemist, I thought there must be a better way.  

I started the research and development process on this problem as I have countless times thru my career.  But this time as a fun side project to do at home. The end result of these efforts (with many failures along the way) is the Repour Smart Stopper, the easiest and most effective wine preservation tool on the market.


 Grouphunt Deal

This is fantastic for us here on Grouphunt because the company behind Repour do not ship to Singapore. We've managed to convince them to allow us to bring some into Singapore for our Grouphunt community. If you know other wine-lovers who'd greatly benefit from Repour existing in their lives, share this with them!

For this hunt, choose between a 4-Pack deal or a 10-Pack deal for only $14 more!




 How do we know Oxygen is less than 0.05%....

 Long term "shelf life" study, started 9/16/16, the picture was taken 10/26/16.  (It's hard to tell, but the bottles stopped with Repour Smart Stopper have the indicator inside the bottle)

Oxygen <0.05% the indicator is PINK  

Oxygen >0.05% the indicator is PURPLE

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