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In 'the before time' was a fellow named Angus who lived in one of the coldest places in the world. At some point he got tired of having cold feet and decided it would be a good idea to create warm boots that didn't look like he just got off his skidoo. So he went down to Mexico and did just that, making warm (and at the same time pretty cool) winter boots.

Along the way he realized there was nothing that worked well for soles, since plastic or leather suck on ice. It was then that he had an epiphany and began to experiment with tire rubber because, after all, nothing grips the ice and snow like a good set of radials. Luckily for him all his months of work were not in vain and so was born Red Frog Boots.

Angus realized that grinding up discarded tires into tiny pieces and gluing them all back together was a damn fine way of dealing with another problem, that of the ubiquitous tire mountains that ugly up landscapes the world over.

So this summer the folks at Red Frog Boots have started to produce a line of sandals we call the Maya. They're tough, they're good looking and they're good for a whole lot of miles (unlike anything else out there). And for each pair sold we'll keep another tire from going into the landfill

At Red Frog we're happy that all our efforts have come to this moment where we can share our success with others. We want to show the world in Red Frogs and steadily chip away at that mountain of tires and to make the world a better place. One foot at a time.

We hope you do too and hope you'll show it by spreading the word and supporting our campaign. Cheers!!





Custom made, bespoke, tailor made, call it what you will, every pair is special....

Each pair is specially made for your feet and your alone. Just give us your measurements and viola! yours and yours alone. Every single pair.



In a perfect world it would be a perfect world, but it's not so it's up to the likes of us to try and fix that. When our leaders abandon us to their greed do we sit in the corner and pout or do we step up, take the reins and do the work. At Red Frog we do the work.

In the past year we've played with a big problem, until we found a little solution, it ain't much but it's a step in the right direction. We're the only company we know of that has developed a way to turn ugly old tires into something stellar. (note: if it has a tread on it then it's not upcycled, it's new and just another part of the problem)

We want to take what we've created out into the world, to ease our burden on the earth with every pair we make. To that end it is our goal to use as many tires off that mountain as possible.

To do that we need help from of all those who are of a like mind, those who want to make the change. And if you help us we'll help to clean up that mess we've all inherited.

For every pair of sandals, for every pair of boots, for every laptop bag or saddle bag we produce we'll take a tire off that mountain and turn it into another boot, bag or sandal.

We're at the top of the mountain today, with your help we can dig our way down to the bottom and that's our great big ask to you, help us make a mole hill out of a mountain and for that you'll get a pair of the toughest sandals made since the Sweet Baby Cheeses rolled out of the desert.

How cool is that. Very.

a sweet bag with every pair
a sweet bag with every pair



Production time line

We will endeavor to have all orders produced and delivered by the end of August however, should things go exceedingly well and every man, woman and child on the planet desire to be clad in a pair of our Mayas then there will be the expected accompanying delays, in which case orders will be produced in order of receiving them.

The Crew of Red Frog

Our combined experience spans almost a century but to this we are all very new. Before we combined our skills we all had pretty standard life experience in shoe making, retail and accounting work, yet once we got together we became one creative mind that pride ourselves in problem solving. We stand as proof that low tech can be every bit as effective as high tech in making the world a better place. Anyone out there who would care to join us down here is more than welcome, we're happy to show off the world's smallest factory we have built with the funds we raised last year on Kickstarter, happy to give tours and just as happy to share ideas with those who want to change the world, one foot at a time.

From Abran, Angus, Ernesto and Karla, a deep and heart felt thanks to all who contribute to this campaign! Cheers!! - The crew at Red Frog.

 Stretch Goals

With your help we'll reach our goal within the first couple of weeks, if so we'll happily release a rainbow coloured version of the Maya for those with a more adventurous flair.

Risks and challenges

Last year we successfully raised enough to fill the world's smallest factory with workbenches and shelving so get off the floor and keep things organized. This year is all about stock piling materials (hence the taking one tire out of the landfill for every pair sold).

A single tire makes 7 pairs. The more we sell the more we can make, 7 fold. Simply put, the risk is to the environment if we don't get the sales.

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