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Aren’t you tired of wearing wet shoes in the rain? 

Let us solve your problem!!!


When it rains...

  When it is about to rain, have you ever wondered, whether or not wearing your favorite shoes before going out? Or, have you experienced pathetic moment that your favorite shoes get soaked by squall? 

 I for one have gotten upset when I realized that my sneakers had gotten soaked in the rain, or I had to choose to wear my worn-out shoes to avoid getting my shoes wet. When I went to a festival with one of my friends on the other day, I saw someone with a plastic bag on their shoes to protect their shoes from sudden downpours, but it did not look attractive at all.... I wondered if there was a cool rain footwear that you can carry with you anytime. I tried to find it in outdoor brand stores, or on crowdfunding pages, but they were all too complicated to use or sort of unfashionable... There was nothing I really wanted. ( I am pretty sure that those of you who regularly check crowdfunding campaigns can understand what I mean. ) 

"Okay then, let's create the one we want!", we thought. This is how we, ONFadd, invented rain footwear, "Rain Socks", for sneaker lovers and decided to start this project!

Why you still wear wet shoes in a rainy day? 


 This Rain Socks will have "ONFAdd" logo around the grip.

  Rain Socks are very simple and intuitive to use. Just like wearing socks over your feet, you wear Rain Socks over your shoes. It save your shoes from the rain of course, but we also focused on these three points: 1. Design, 2. Durability, and 3. Ease to carry.

 - 1. Useful and Fashionable Design

Easy to put on and take off because of their simple structure! Adding to maximizing the stretchability of the rubber, they will not spoil the aesthetic of your original shoes. 

- 2. Durability 

They have undergone processing using a natural rubber material called latex of elasticity is applied to the sole part. Even if you use them over and over , they will not get worn out much because the sole part is thicker.

- 3. Packable


 It's slim shape allows you to put Rain Socks into your airtight bags. Also it can be folded small, so it will not be bulky to pack in your bag. And what's more, with one pair weighing less than 100g, this is a nice feature when carrying them around. They should easily cope with sudden downpours with that alone!


 ※ Basically, they are compatible with any shoes, but in order for them to completely show the shape of your shoes, we recommend that you wear shoes larger than 25cm / US7 / UK6.5, and smaller than 29cm / US11 / UK10.5.

 The world is brimming with cool sneakers. There are even waterproof ones among them. But we still want you to wear your favorite pair. When you bought some shoes, not caring about the rain, they ended up stuffed in the back of your shoe rack... In such a case, you, sneaker heads, must be upset the most.

Rain Socks should be the best product that goes along with what you are thinking. So we kept the price to a minimum. For those of you who often use crowdfunding, and those of you who are using it for the first time, just trust me and give them a go. Your rainy days will feel different from how they ever did before!

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