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  • A bag made for every and any occasion.  A true Mult-bag!
  • Chock full of well-thought-through functions and compartments to ensure that everything finds its special place :)
  • Innovative music pouch allows you to take the Quiver with you into gym shower without fear of it getting wet.  You can even have control of your phone while in the pouch!
  • Unique swivel clasp strap rotates 180degrees ensuring you carry your 'barang barang' (stuff) in comfort and style.
  • Designed, created and made by Singaporeans!  SUPPORT LOCAL!

Grouphunt Deal includes ONE COMPLETE QUIVER SET including the Quiver in your choice of interior colour (Green or Black) and also your choice of Nock Pouch (Navy Blue or Pink).  The time is now!  Be bold and band together to hit those stretch goals and secure ourselves and incredible price!

Caleb decided to be BOWFORBOLD for a few days and took out the Quiver for a spin on his everyday adventures!  Was the Quiver up to the test?  Find out here!

Meet Quiver: The world’s first ‘Multi-Bag’ for the active


What exactly is a ‘Multi-Bag’? To be honest with you, ‘Multi-Bag’ may not be the sexiest-sounding category but we felt it’s the most apt description for what Quiver is.

We wanted Quiver to be:

  • Multi-functional
  • Multi-purpose
  • Multi-condition

The Quiver series is a multi-functional bag designed for the active. 

The concept behind Quiver was to design a bag that anyone could carry around for their various activities – catered towards sports or for your travels. We saw that most people had to carry a shoe bag and fit their change of clothes in their ‘work bag’ when they are going for their workout, yoga or sports.

This often leads to bulging bags where you had to fit everything – toiletries, clothes, shoes and water bottles etc – into either one massive, cumbersome bag or multiple “uni-function” bags.

We wanted to create a product that will carry all your ‘barang barang’ (a Singaporean term for personal belongings) when you engage in various activities. Designed to have the same portability as a shoe bag but with far greater functionality, Quiver will not only make you look good, but also feel good carrying it!  

 If you like the name Quiver, BACK US

Quiver caters not just to the active but also encourages the adoption of an active lifestyle!

Just for fun, we’ve designed what we thought would be the typical groups of people who would carry Quiver. 




 If you are one of the above, BACK US

You must be wondering, what makes Quiver the multi-bag it is?


Benchmark for Versatility

Quiver is designed for ultimate versatility. It comes with a twin compartment that instantly organises your sporting and travel essentials – shoes/sports equipment in one, clothes and toiletries in the other. 

Have the option to carry using the detachable strap or handle, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Hang It or Sling It
Hang It or Sling It

 Swivel Clasp Release

The ultra-smooth swivel clasp offers peak level convenience and comfort. It auto-rotates a full 180º to conform precisely to your size and body movement, adjusting constantly so you don't have to. 

To unclip your Quiver bag, simply slide the one touch release to have it uncouple instantly!

One-Touch Release Button
One-Touch Release Button

Music Pouch

Your favorite tunes and important phone calls are always close at hand with our internal Music Pouch. Swipe away without worry as the Music Pouch protects your device from wet hands, sweat, and moisture.

Touch-Sensitive Fabric
Touch-Sensitive Fabric

 Easy Access Pockets

Some essentials just have to be kept a zip away. We designed a quick access compartment right at the front to enable easy access to your phone, wallet, keys and everything else you need on a daily basis. The depth of this quick access compartment was meticulously tested time and time again to achieve a perfect depth and store your pocket-sized items. Quiver includes a convenient side water bottle pouch, capable of holding bottles up to 500ml sizes.


Quick Access Pouch
Quick Access Pouch


Front-facing card slot
Front-facing card slot


Side Water Bottle Pouch
Side Water Bottle Pouch







Capacity: 10.2l 







Add On Available in Navy Blue or Pink

It’s inevitable that exercise and sports become messy sometimes. Be it the occasional mud bath for your shoes, or the odor that comes with an intense workout. The waterproof Nock Pouch is tightly sealed at the mouth so that when you put your smelly workout clothes in, the odor and sweat remains sealed in it.

Place everything inside the Nock Pouch to keep your Quiver clean & dry. Remove and wash* and you're good as new!


 *Up to 500 washes










BOW is an innovative product company focused on creating sturdy and stylish products for the active. Our tagline, #bowforbold came about as we had to make some bold decisions when we decided to set up this company. We want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and be bold in living their lives.

 Get to know more about us by connecting with us in the links below!


p.s. We are documenting our 30 day journey of the Kickstarter campaign and we want you to be a part of it! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you love who we are, BACK US  |  |



Risks and challenges

The primary challenge we would be facing is the manufacturing and logistics side of things. Our delivery estimate already includes the extra time to account for the inevitable small delays that accumulate in a project of this complexity.

However, if a supplier experiences an unexpected and significant delay – natural disaster, localised trade disruption, financial insolvency, alien invasion – our delivery schedule could be impacted.

We have carefully selected our suppliers based on a number of criteria, including:

• Reliability & trustworthiness
• Experience of suppliers
• Personal rapport
• In-person factory visits

More About Our Factory Partner

We are confident that our choice of factory partner will limit potential challenges as we have successfully completed 2 mass production projects with them previously. Furthermore, we have visited and inspected their factories on several occasions, preparing them for this project. And if all else fails, we have a ready backup factory all prepped and raring to go.

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Will there be other colours offered?
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    Hi there! The Quiver is available in 3 colours on the inside (as shown above) - Green, Pink & Black. The Nock pouches are available in either Navy or Pink. We hope this helps! (:
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