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Inspired by the traditional methods of tea steeping and flow-brewing, Qi Aerista is based on our revolutionary patented circulative infusion system that can optimally manage the 4 key tea brewing elements.   







Qi Aerista comes with 6 different preset brewing modes for Floral, Green, Oolong, Black and Milk tea for your strong brew tea, plus Cold Brewing for all tea types. 


We have been working with in-house and external tea experts over the past years to determine the optimal brewing programs for these tea types:  




Check out how Qi Aerista brews Hong Kong-style milk tea via our strong brew feature in this demonstration video.

 Let's see how Qi Aerista cold brews black tea in 10 minutes!


Turning Qi Aerista into your smart tea making companion with our app for tea lovers.

  Our app includes the following unique features:   




Step 1 - Add water
Step 1 - Add water


Step 2 - Add tea leaves into the infuser
Step 2 - Add tea leaves into the infuser


Step 3 - Select your tea program and strength, then press "Brew"
Step 3 - Select your tea program and strength, then press "Brew"


Step 4 - Enjoy the savouring sights and aromas as tea brews
Step 4 - Enjoy the savouring sights and aromas as tea brews


Step 5a - Easy cleanup
Step 5a - Easy cleanup


Step 5b - Easy cleanup
Step 5b - Easy cleanup



Behind Qi Aerista is a team of passionate folks that care about tea and the tea experiences that we can offer to tea lovers.



Qi Aerista is built using safe and commonly-used materials such as heat-resistant borosilicate glass, stainless steel, BPA-free plastics and food-grade silicone rubber. 

No plastic part is in constant contact with water inside the pot during normal use. 

Here are the final product dimensions of Qi Aerista. Note that the base of the prototypes seen in photos and videos have a larger diameter of 220mm / 8.7in. The new and smaller base is currently under development and is targeted to be ready by the end of 2016. 



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