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Few things are as good as listening to music, reading messages at quick stops and checking the best way to go on a GPS app while you're riding a bicycle.

Our motivation to develop Pully was born after many frustrated experiences trying to use some other phone mounts. We tested several models and even broken glasses/screens.

Today all options available on the market have many moving parts, connections, settings and use low-quality materials:

Top sold phone mount for bicycles.
Top sold phone mount for bicycles.


Our goal to develop Pully was based on 3 main requirements:

  • No moving parts or adjustments; 
  • Easily removable if needed; 
  • Practical use: just one hand. 

After 6 months of design and testing we got t the following result:

Pully Magnetic Phone Mount.
Pully Magnetic Phone Mount.

The most notable difference, compared with other models available on the market, is the size:

Side by side.
Side by side.


A watermelon being pulled by the Pully.
A watermelon being pulled by the Pully.


With a few grams of the magnet, we generated enough force to lift a 16lb watermelon. Most phones on the market weigh between 0.2 and 0.3lb.

Pully is waterproof and there is no need to remove it when parking outdoor. It was designed to go along the daily rush:

One-handed attach/detach.
One-handed attach/detach.


Designed for everyday multiple use.
Designed for everyday multiple use.


One of our main design criteria was to ensure devices would not be affected when exposed to the magnetic field, short or long term. After several studies, we conclude:

The vast majority of phones launched since 2012 has memory, display, processing, battery and touch-screen immune to changes in the magnetic field. Only phones that have the compass feature may have the function affected when close to Pully, but return to normal when distanced. GPS applications like Waze and Google Maps work normally.

If the magnetic field of the permanent magnet was about 85 times, the first affected component would be the speaker that could sound distorted when close to the magnetic field.

  • Weight: 35,0g; 
  • Thickness: 14.0mm; 
  • Width: 34,0mm; 
  • Length: 45,0mm; 
  • Base Material: injected ABS with glossy finish; 
  • Elastic Material: 100% transparent silicone; 
  • Magnet Neodymium N52 Class;  
  • External Magnet Thickness: 3.0mm; 
  • External Magnet Diameter: 20,0mm; 
  • Attraction Plate Thickness: 1.5mm; 
  • Diameter of Attraction Plate: 40mm; 
  • Package Dimensions: 35x45x20mm; 
  • Packaging Weight: 50,0g. 

Despite the great magnetic attraction between the device and Pully, the secret to easily remove is this small rotation:

Small rotation to remove the phone.
Small rotation to remove the phone.


Car passing over the Pully.
Car passing over the Pully.



The elastic absorbs all vibration that would go to the phone if it was a 100% rigid structure.


Phone usability is not affected at any point (unless the
Phone usability is not affected at any point (unless the "compass" app only while the cell is in the holder). GPS navigators (Waze, Strava and Google Maps for example) work normally.

The compass feature depends on the magnetic field of the earth, so it may have its precision affected while the phone is mounted on Pully. As soon as you separate both, compass goes back to function normally.

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Hayden
    By far the most minimalist bicycle phone mount ever made. All the new bike mounts on the market are large and clunky (just do a quick Google search), but the Pully is small, unobtrusive and just works!
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