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The world's first motion-activated night light now projects images directly into your toilet bowl! 














How it Sticks to the Toilet 

Projector illumiBowl sticks strongly to any toilet lid material using hi-strength PU Gel (Think of it like a sticky hand on steroids).

  • Removes Cleanly. Will not harm your toilet lid.
  • Will not fall
  • Reusable
  • Cleans easily with water.

How the Image Projection works

Light passes through the film & through the lens & the image is "thrown" into the toilet bowl where the white porcelain makes a perfect projection surface. 


Many of our initial prototypes we had to 3d bring or build out by hand in order to find a structure capable of holding multiple images while still having a strong projection "throw" but not be to big to put on your toilet. 

Early Hand Built Prototype
Early Hand Built Prototype

Early 3D Design Renders
Early 3D Design Renders

 Developing the projector illumibowl has taken over two years of constant development. There were many hurdles and obstacles to over come such as how to miniaturize the technology into such a small product? How do we make it capable to projecting multiple images? How do we make it stick on a toilet seat and get the throw distance needed to project? With time and lots of experimenting and prototypes we were able to work through all of these problems and now we are pleased to announce that the projector illumibowl is finally here!:)

Projector IllumiBowl

Sticks to Any Toilet Lid Sets to 4 Different Images Motion-Activated Activates The Dark Why Use a Toilet Night Light?

NO MORE Blinding midnight lights! NO MORE Stumbling Around in the Dark! NO MORE Falling in the Toilet! NO MORE Aiming in the Dark & Making a Mess!

 Risks and challenges

We learned an incredible amount after successfully fulfilling our first IllumiBowl Kickstarter two years ago and our second illumibowl Kickstarter last fall. There are many variables when dealing with overseas manufacturers that we have been able to learn. We have been able to stream-line production & cut down risk significantly over the last two years. We have confirmed samples of the new IllumiBowl and are confident in the abilities of our now tried and tested manufacturers. There can always be delays with factories & ports due to unforeseen storms, strikes & political variables but we have done everything to mitigate these risks and we are extremely confident in our ability to give all of our backers the best IllumiBowl experience ever.

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