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Potato Pirates: 10 Hours of Programming in 30 Minutes

 Roast your friends. Code your attacks. Save Potato King.

*UPDATE: We've surpassed over 100k! 

French Fried Island Stretch Goal unlocked! The Frying Dutchman has been sighted.






Potato Pirates combines potatoes, programming, and piracy into a carbo-loaded card game perfect for the classroom, family day, or even game night with friends. It teaches anyone age 6 & up, 10 hours worth of programming concepts in 30 minutes, all without a computer!  


There are 7 Potato King cards hidden at random in the deck. Be the first to collect all 7 Potato King cards by roasting, mashing and frying other potato pirates. Power up your attacks with programming concepts such as loops and conditionals. Alternatively, eliminate all enemies and be the last Potato Pirate sailing to win the game.






Don't read the manual ya landlubber! Watch these bite-sized episodes of our instructional videos instead!















The Potato Pirates card game is created by Codomo - a Singapore-based education technology company that nurtures children's creativity through empathy, technology, and design education. Our vision is to cultivate every child’s love for learning by offering learners an environment that fosters their confidence and mindset for them to pursue their passion and attain holistic growth - in both academic and non-academic aspects. 

Cultivating a love for learning in every child should be one of the primary goals of any education body or institute. We achieve this by helping them discover their superpowers through our interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes real-world application, human-centric design, and inquiry-based learning. Part of what we do is to make students future ready, empowering them to create real-world impact through curricular experiences which amalgamate design thinking, computational thinking, and maker culture.


Computer programming is becoming an essential 21st-century skill and we want everyone to learn this invaluable skill in an enjoyable manner. Having been through a near-traumatic experience in learning programming where we were forced to sit through painfully boring lectures with an exponentially steep learning curve, we started brainstorming ways to make learning fun, sociable, and impactful. We did not want the game to become another mobile application where kids (or anyone for that matter) would have to stare at their iPads to play, we already have enough of that. Additionally, computers may not be as easily accessible to children in other parts of the world. A substantial number of schools lack the resources to give students access to these computers to learn to program. 

Our desire to include human connection and elicit emotions was decisive in the creation of a tabletop card game which could be interactive and thrilling and, at the same time, while allowing anyone above age 6 to grasp fundamental programming concepts - without the need for a computer.

There was never an accessible and universal activity as a first-step into programming, regardless of age - until now! Have we mentioned that it's also lots of fun to play? So much so that the development of the game has severely reduced our productivity as we spend too much time playing it under the pretense of testing the game mechanics.

Potato Pirates brings teachers and students, parents and kids, friends and strangers together to learn abstract computational thinking concepts from one another in a simpler, better, and more visual manner.

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