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Go wireless! Go PLUB!

  • Simple, minimalistic, light.  How all solutions should be!
  • aptX CSR chip delivers high quality stereo audio over Bluetooth 4.1.
  • Different wearing variations with the option of using the PLUB with a Neckband.
  • Compatiple with headphones and speakers too!

Grouphunt Deal includes One PLUB unit, Clip, Charger Cable, and Operation Manual.  PLUB Neckband can be purchased at a top up of $6!

PLUB: Don't Plug In, PLUB In!


About this project


PLUB is the minimalist Bluetooth receiver that makes any wired headphones wireless. The most compact, easy-to-use and affordable Bluetooth receiver invites you to simply PLUB IN! 


PLUB is compatible with all headphones that receive audio through a 3.5 mm cable allowing the user to make any currently owned headphone wireless. PLUB distinguishes itself as the most affordable, lightest, and easy-to-use Bluetooth receiver available. PLUB was created using a minimalist approach, stripping the Bluetooth receiver down to only essential functions and essential design.





 Despite PLUB’s streamlined design, it still delivers incredibly high-end audio quality. Imbedded with a CSR audio system-on-chip (SoC) solution with aptX audio codec, PLUB offers high quality stereo audio over Bluetooth. Less technically stated, PLUB can offer CD quality audio over a Bluetooth connection that is nearly indistinguishable from a wired connection. 


PLUB offers no-button control. By simply plugging in, PLUB will turn ON and auto-pair through Bluetooth 4.1 to the nearest smart device. Offering auxiliary device support, necessary adjustments can be made through the existing button control on the connected headphone. Controls supported include volume, play/pause, take call(IOS can be subject to some restrictions) and more. Charging status is indicated through a single white LED. PLUB also will emit sound alerts to indicate pairing, connection, and battery status.


PLUB’s unique specifications allow it to be integrated into companion accessories. Currently, boud has announced a neckband accessory that PLUB can be inserted into. Additional companion accessories are currently in development and will be announced in more detail as stretch goals during the Kickstarter campaign.



PLUB’s dimensions come in at 12 mm (H) x 12 mm (W) x 48 mm (L) and weighs under 10 grams making it the smallest and lightest Bluetooth receiver available. Even at these specifications, PLUB houses a 120mAh battery, which allows for 5 hours of continuous use.




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  * You can select colors through the survey.

 * You can select colors through the survey.

 * You can select colors through the survey.

     * You can select colors through the survey.
  • Depending on the region, additional taxes may be added. 
  • Design may be changed during mass production.




boud is a design company re-envisioned to combine both technology and design elements into customer-centric products with a wow-factor. A little over a year ago, we successfully completed our crowdfunding campaign for Flex cam PIC, the world’s first flexible camera, raising over $165,000. Through that experience, we learned so much about the crowdfunding and mass production process, and feel much more prepared now that we embark on our second crowdfunding campaign.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could join us on our second crowdfunding journey with PLUB!




Risks and challenges

When developing something completely new, unforeseen circumstances do tend to arise. Yet, we are confident that we have made all preparations to follow-up on the promises we’ve made on our campaign page. With a working prototype developed and testing completed successfully, we feel prepared to enter the mass production stage. To facilitate mass production, we are currently simplifying the design and assembly processes. Should we come across any deviations in our schedule we will be sure to inform you promptly so that you can follow along with our development!

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