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Water is fun!

People of all ages and all over the world love to spend time in and around water. Swimming is the most practiced sport in the world but even the best swimmers can get into trouble in the water. No safety belt or helmet can help you when you or your kids are in danger in the water. We declared it our mission to end this global threat, so we invented and developed PLOOTA to keep you and your loved ones safe.

The first sensor controlled safety device for swimmers
The first sensor controlled safety device for swimmers



Your silent Guard.

PLOOTA is the worlds first automatic sensor controlled safety device for swimmers and watersport lovers.


The device automatically detects an emergency situation and releases two inflatable cushions by an intelligent triggering system. The cushions are immediately filled with CO2 from an integrated cartridge. This innovative solution keeps your head above the water at all times - even when unconscious or panicking.

  • PLOOTA can be activated manually when you realize that you are in a dangerous situation.
  • PLOOTA does not obstruct swimming; it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • It is available in 3 sizes (S, M, L) and thus suitable for toddlers as well as adults.

We developed PLOOTA because your safety is important to us.

PLOOTA not only lets you have more fun in the water, but also aims to make the water a safer place.



Open Water Swimming Legend THOMAS LURZ about PLOOTA:



Do you swim for fun or like a pro?

Being in the water should always bring you joy and excitement. But possibly dangerous situations like riptides, waves but also distance or overestimation of your swim abilities are often recognized too late.

By pushing the manual deployment button you can activate the floats of your PLOOTA yourself. PLOOTA will keep you safely afloat with your head above water. You can gather strength, rest a while and just wait for help. But even in emergency situations when you’re unable to help yourself, for example if you are unconscious or in panic, PLOOTA will deploy automatically and bring your head above water. The sensors on the casing register automatically if your head is submerged for more than 30 seconds and trigger the release mechanism.

Enjoy unimpeded swimming, the sun and water with a secure feeling! This is what PLOOTA stands for.


So simple - so clever!





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