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Affordable Pen Trays for Everyone

Pendora's exclusive pen trays are designed for the larger pens with slots measuring a full 3/4". These economical pen trays are manufactured in the USA from .020 velour flocked polystyrene and are trimmable to fit your custom application. Theses pen trays can be easily cut to your preferred size of your pen case/cabinet! The soft material also ensures maximum protection for you pen during safe keeping.

Easily Customisable to any size!

Pendora pen trays are designed and manufactured by us right here in the USA. Made from a soft velour flocked polystyrene plastic, these pen trays are perfect for any custom application, trade table or retail display. Currently offered in your choice of Gray, Black, Forest Green, Bright Blue, Brilliant Red, Rich Burgundy/Wine, Tan and White

Grouphunt Deal!

For this hunt, we will be offering the trays in several bundled sets to suit your needs! Each 22 pen tray can be cut to a 10 pen size to fit the typical Muji acrylic drawer cases. A 22 pen tray would be sufficient if you have a 2 drawer case while the 3 tray bundle would be perfect if you are using the 5 drawer case with some spare left :) Only looking to get 1? Do find a friend to share the bundle with everyone!

Available Colors:

  • Bright Blue
  • Grey
  • Beige Tan
  • Brilliant Red
  • Forest Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Burgundy

Due to the easy customisability of the pen trays, we will be offering the 22 pen tray only. For a low price, the 22 pen tray can be cut up to various lengths to suit your needs. Do get yours now!

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