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Grouphunt deal features ONE pen and ONE G2 pen ink


fully funded  |  stretch goal added
fully funded | stretch goal added

Stretch goals 

i)  Matte Black Pen Article 1.0

Bead blasted and anodised black

to be unlocked at: SGD 14,000  |  USD 10,000

ii)  + 1 more additional Pilot G2 ink refill included with every pen

to be unlocked at: SGD 7000  |  USD 5000

Hi Kickstarter! We are here to introduce to you Pen Article 1.0, the world's first precision semicircle pen. Its design patented ergonomic shape is thoughtfully made to fit your hands comfortably, no matter the type of grip you have! 


 For the design and functionality, lets explain the terms that we will be using! 



A closer look. Eg:

 Standard Grip:

i) Observe how the curve part of the pen will fit on the curvature of the space between the thumb and the index finger (Purlicue),

ii) how the thumb lies on the flat side of the curve (short side), and

ii) how the index finger rests comfortably on the larger straight side (long side).

Tip: This grip is usually for those who takes frequent notes.


 Engineer's Grip: 

i) Observe how the curve of the index finger fits on the curve side of the pen, 

ii) how the tip of the index finger lies on the flat side of the curve (short side), and

iii) how the thumb rests on the larger straight side (long side) of the pen

 Tip: This grip is suitable for technical drawings, marking straight lines and angles.


Calligraphy Grip:

i) Even with this unique grip style, observe how the curve of every finger lies comfortably on the curve part of the pen, and

ii) the thumb is supported on the flat side (long side) of the pen.

 Tip: Great for lighter strokes


Other grips:

Any other grips or possibilities there may be, with our thoughtfully ergonomic design, you will be sure to find a support that is perfect for you! 


Thought Process

We are huge fans of pens! We wanted to create a pen which is original in idea and something which greatly improves our writing experience. After various research and experimentation, taking into consideration pen ergonomics and dynamics, we came up with our semicircle pen design.

Try holding a pen naturally and you will notice that your fingers form a semicircular shape!

After paying more attention to how we normally use our pens, we started thinking of changing the usual circular pen. We noticed that various different grips all have one thing in common, that is, the curve part of a grip and the resting part (usually the tip of our finger).


Our thoughtfully calculated shape takes this and enhances the norm by considering not only the curvature of a pen user's grip but also the tips of the finger which are in flat positions.

We started making various prototypes experimenting with several different sizes, semicircles, and materials. After various changes, we finally settled on the current Pen Article 1.0. 

Materials used:

i) Each pen is made from a solid bar of high grade stainless steel, it is not only superior in corrosion resistance but also perfectly balanced in weight.



ii) We chose a hand polished and uncoated surface, which will develop a natural patina unique to only you. 

iii) The shape also ensures that our pens do not roll off our desks! 

iv) We have incorporated a high quality strong magnetic cap closure (using Neodymium magnet) for the pen to preserve its sleek, minimalist appeal. This also makes the pen convenient and more interesting. Simply stick the magnetic cap on the pen after opening or use it as a magnet for pinning notes while writing. The magnet chosen is strong and ensures the cap stays in place firmly. It works as a beautiful paper weight as well.

Simply stick the magnetic cap on the pen after opening!
Simply stick the magnetic cap on the pen after opening!


Addictive fidgeting and sound ;)
Addictive fidgeting and sound ;)


The patented design ensures that even long hours of writing becomes a breeze.



Pen Specifications

Pen Length: 120mm 

Pen Width: 10mm

Pen Thickness: 8mm 

Pen Weight: 45.0g

With Pilot G2 ink refill and perfect precision.

 Convenient front refill style for a smooth, concealed and sleek design:


 Refill Capabilities

We have also designed the pen barrel to house more than 25 different refills similar to the Pilot G2/Rollerball type refills. The fit is precisely engineered to ensure a stable, non shaky hold on the refills, without the need for any modification at all! Each pen you receive will come with a complimentary Pilot G2 refill with your choice of options (including: black / blue colour and ultra fine (0.38) / extra fine (0.5) / fine (0.7) tip).

Eg (alphabetical order):

Caran d’Ache Fibre Tip Refill

Caran d’Ache Rollerball Refill

Faber-Castell Rollerball Pen Refill

Faber-Castell Fineliner Pen Refill

Kaweco “soul” Refill G2

Kaweco G2 Gel Roller Pen Refill

Hi-Tec-C Cavalier Refill

Monteverde Fineliner Refill G52

Monteverde Ceramic Rollerball Refill W22

Monteverde Spring-Loaded Tip Fineliner Refill G62

OHTO Ceramic Rollerball Pen Refill

OHTO F-300 Fude Refill Black

Pentel LR7 Energel

Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel

Pilot Juice

Pilot G2 Gel Refill

Schmidt 6040 FineLiner Refill 

Schmidt 888 Safety Rollingball Ceramic Plastic Refill

Schmidt 5888 Safety RollingBall Ceramic Metal Tube Refill 

Schmidt 5285 Safety Rolling Tube Needlepoint Tip

Schneider Topball 850 Pen Refill

Schneider Topliner 970 Pen Refill

Sheaffer Fineliner Refill 

Visconti Rollerball Pen Refill AA40 0.7 

Zebra JT Refill 

Zebra Sarasa Clip Refill

and more! (any common refill with similar dimensions to the above and a length of 110mm)

This ensures that the refill for the pen is easily found anywhere, and it also provides a chic housing to your current favourite inks!


Quality Assurance

The highest manufacturing standards are assured with our reliable manufacturers. We do not skim on production costs and focus our resources on producing the best quality pen.

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) precision machines are used to ensure the highest consistency, stability, and closest tolerance in our writing instruments.

A solid bar of high grade stainless steel for each pen is used. High quality and strong Neodymium magnets are chosen for manufacturing the magnetic closure caps. This refined and timeless pen will last a lifetime.

Quality checks are conducted not only during but also after the manufacturing process to ensure only the best is delivered to you!

An authenticity card will be included for each pen to maintain the strict quality control.

Fair Wage System

We support a fair wage system and believe that a healthy, happy working environment will produce the utmost best results.


Original Ideas

Our focus is to create the most original collections which encompass qualities such as creativity, functionality, and beauty to accompany you through life's journeys. Attention to details and vast efforts are made to transform each creative idea into actual designs. 



All materials used in manufacturing the pens, accessories, and packagings are recyclable.



We strive to drive innovation without compromising the natural and ecological balance of our environment. Work processes are reviewed periodically to ensure top safety and responsibility, protecting our natural environment and ecological health.

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