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Why don't many cyclists use locks? They are too heavy, too cumbersome, too bulky, and not designed for those who really want to ride their bikes. 

OTTOLOCK is an all-new cinch lock for both cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who value their gear and need a small, safe, and lightweight solution for their lifestyle. It's far more secure than a cable lock, and much lighter than a U-lock.

P.S. You can use it for a lot more than bikes!


OTTOLOCK solves your security problem with a patent-pending, multi-layer steel band design. It's simple and versatile, but surprisingly stronger than meets the eye!

In or around your saddle bag, in your pocket, or anywhere you want: OTTOLOCK is so lightweight you won't even know you are carrying it. 


OTTOLOCK is extremely cut-resistant because of an engineered design that uses multiple layers of high-temper, 18mm-wide stainless steel bands coated in Santoprene® (a highly durable plastic) combined with a Kevlar® band. Under load, the bands slide upon one another and effectively reduce shear forces. Conventional theft tools like wire or bolt cutters are just not enough to cut the OTTOLOCK. 





OTTOLOCK has applications beyond bicycles! Ski/Snow, Auto/Truck Cargo & Racks, Travel/Luggage/Gear, Tools, Camping, Motorcycles, Scooters, Surfboards, Canoe & Kayak. The possibilities with OTTOLOCK are limitless.



The 30" (76cm) OTTOLOCK weighs under 1/4lb (115g) and coils to under 3" (7.5cm) in diameter making it easy to pack and store in pockets, backpacks, purses, or jerseys (or on the bike). In comparison, U-locks or chain locks are 10-20x heavier than OTTOLOCK, and simply difficult to carry.  

The cinching function also keeps your gear locked tight, and you can enclose up to 60" (150cm) in diameter. We've designed OTTOLOCK with three resettable combination wheels with detented action, custom locking pawls, and a durable aluminum head. 

The OTTOLOCK will come in multiple colors, and be available in three lengths - starting with the all-around 30" (76cm) version, the super compact 18" (45cm) Pro Ride version, and the 60" (150cm) extended version (which is also long enough to lock multiple wheels to a post). You can also hook or 'daisy-chain' multiple OTTOLOCKs together.  

We are offering various levels of rewards and product combinations for pledges starting at $50USD for a single cinch lock. The OTTOLOCK is both designed and manufactured in the USA.

The 18” Pro Ride version is intended for cyclists on-the-go; offering the shortest coil time, the lightest weight, the most bike storage options, and just enough length to cinch your bike to any post or pole up to 5” (12.5cm) in diameter. When used together with the OTTOMOUNT™ (included with Pro Ride version), the OTTOLOCK is secure and accessible so you can cinch down your bike in seconds! 

OTTOMOUNT is a great accessory for on-the-bike carry of OTTOLOCK, designed with many positions in mind. You'll love its utility and won't even know it's there!

The concept was seeded by professional cyclist, Jacob Rathe (Jelly Belly presented by Maxxis), who has experienced theft problems while stopping for coffee or snacks on training rides. This patent-pending product has been in development by our OTTO DesignWorks team for over one year, with hard-tooled mass production delivery scheduled for early 2017. Our product testers love the go-anywhere cinch lock because you can always take it with you, and stop anywhere with peace of mind. There is simply no excuse not to carry a lock now!





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