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Phree™ is the world’s first unrestricted, high resolution, write-virtually-anywhere mobile input device.

We live in a world of screens. But writing or drawing on them isn’t always spontaneous and doesn’t always feel natural, especially if they’re put away somewhere. Screens are useful, sure. We love our screens, too. But sometimes, they’re just too limiting.

Phree lets you write, draw, annotate, and express yourself in countless other ways. On virtually any surface.

 Even here. (Yes, here.)

And when we say “virtually any surface,” this is just one more example of what we mean.

Phree™ will easily connect to all your devices: phone, tablet, laptop, TV…anything with a Bluetooth connection. And Phree is compatible with software and apps like Office, OneNote, EverNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber and more. So you can instantly sketch or jot down ideas, notes, thoughts, email addresses and phone numbers...whatever crosses your mind!

Using Phree with mobile apps: OneNote, Skitch, Google handwriting keyboard
Using Phree with mobile apps: OneNote, Skitch, Google handwriting keyboard

 You’ll use Phree in ways you never expected.

It even functions as a headset and has an integrated screen for brief texts. When you get one, just write back and send.

 Phree lets you go beyond the screen to express yourself more quickly and easily.

Phree in the News

User quotes by people who've tried Phree prototypes in NYC, London, San Francisco and Israel:

"I love the way Phree feels in my hand."

"It feels like using a pencil."

"I'm surprised and very pleased with the weight and feel of Phree."

"Phree seems like a natural extension of the smartphone. Like it's been there all along."

How was Phree born?

All of us have amazing dexterity and control over a tool held by our fingers - be it a pen, pencil or scalpel. We learn to exercise this control at such a young age and practice it so often that it becomes truly effortless.

For real-time on-screen digital ink rendering, the latency between our writing motion and the perceived ink trace needs to be an eye-blink – nearly instantaneous – for it to feel “right.” We also want to be able to write and sketch wherever we are and whenever we want to. When you want to jot something down, you don’t want to unlock your phone, open an app and wait.

Well, we cracked this.

Phree optical sensor (near tip); OTM sensor optics tray
Phree optical sensor (near tip); OTM sensor optics tray

At OTM Technologies, we invented our Optical Translation Measurement (OTM) technology that precisely tracks hand motion across virtually any surface, in a wide dynamic range. We managed to engineer and build a compact, low-cost optical sensor that fits at the tip of a pen-like device. The combination of one-of-a-kind, breakthrough technology and ergonomic, user-friendly design brings you Phree.

The Design

A lot of thought and prototyping was invested in Phree to ensure a great user experience. It’s thin and it has an oval cross section, so it’s both useful and comfortable. And when you hold Phree in a writing position, the touch display always faces you for easy activation. Just touch to change from a pen to a highlighter. Or from red to blue. Or from messaging to dialing.

The Case

We designed a functional and practical case to carry and charge Phree. The case has embedded wireless charging - you charge your Phree by simply putting it in its case and placing the case on a wireless charging pad (not included). 

The case cap attaches magnetically to the body of the case to form an adjustable stand for any smartphone. Just place your phone in the stand, begin writing or drawing off-screen with Phree and voilà – you have an instant mobile workstation that actually works. Phree can be ordered with or without a case.

Transforming the case into a mobile workstation: 1. Closed case 2. Remove cap 3. Attach cap to base 4. Place phone in holder
Transforming the case into a mobile workstation: 1. Closed case 2. Remove cap 3. Attach cap to base 4. Place phone in holder

The Cap

Phree comes with a matching cap that protects it's tip while not in use. The unique rubberized cap doubles as a touch screen stylus in this setup.

Phree Rewards

  • $1 - BIG THANK YOU!!!
  • $128 - SOLD OUT! SUPER EARLY BIRD - One Phree
  • $169 - SOLD OUT! SUPER EARLY BIRD WITH CASE - One Phree + Case
  • $148 - SOLD OUT! EARLY BIRD - One Phree
  • $189 - SOLD OUT! EARLY BIRD WITH CASE - One Phree + Case
  • $168 - EARLY ADOPTER - One Phree
  • $219 - EARLY ADOPTER WITH CASE - One Phree + Case
  • $316 - TWIN PACK - Two Phree
  • $416 - TWIN PACK WITH CASE - Two Phree + Case  
  • $449 - FAMILY PACK - Three Phree
  • $599 - FAMILY PACK WITH CASE - Three Phree + Case
  • $10,000 - PARTNER WITH US

How does Phree™ work?

The patented OTM sensor is a compact 3D laser interferometer. It tracks the relative motion of a nearby surface by measuring the interference signal between a laser beam projected on the surface and the reflections from the surface. The beauty of this system is that it extracts the motion signal optically.

The signal is then translated to X-Y-Z motion information by our signal-processing algorithms running on a very small, integrated electronics component.

The OTM sensor can measure the motion of any object that we can see with our eyes, in three dimensions, with extremely high resolution and very high accuracy, up to a distance of about one inch from the object. It therefore continues to measure hand motion between strokes. The sensor uses the same laser used in optical mice and is eye-safe at any distance.

Sensor Specs

 Phree Overview

Phree’s graphical touch-screen is used for Bluetooth connection and context-sensitive interaction with various applications. The standard icons on the display include notifications – messages and phone calls. When used with specific applications the display will change to allow quick interaction with common features. For note taking, for example, the display may show pen, eraser, and highlighter. The touch panel recognizes single fingers and swipe left/right.

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