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ORII is a smart ring that offers a stylish and spy-like alternative to answering the phone. Wearing the ring and touching your ear gives you clear and crisp audio for phone calls through your finger. Make a quick phone call and send a quick message without taking your phone out.


If you are a member of the press and need more resources, please download our press kit here.  

Bone conduction technology: giving ORII that magical “spy-like” experience of listening to something through your finger, this tech is proven, tested, and used in medical-grade hearing aids. Just touch your ear and ORII will send clear audio with complete privacy along your finger.

Thousands of people have tried ORII and said the hearing experience is amazing, sound quality nothing like they have tried before. See what people have to say.

Siri and Google Assistant Ready: ORII is built to work seamlessly with your phone’s voice assistant. Just long-press ORII’s CapSense button to wake up Siri and Google Assistant. Then use the dual noise-cancelling microphones to tell your voice assistant how they can help you.

Built for real, everyday life: it’s durable, lightweight, and designed to be worn comfortably on the hand all day. ORII is worry-free because it’s splash-proof and made of scratch-resistant anodized aluminum. And did we mention it comes in three sleek colors that can match your style? 


Keep your eyes up, and stay in-the-moment. Screens are great, but don’t we want a little less screen time and a lot more awareness of those around us?  

By putting Siri / Google Assistant on your hand, ORII gives a screen-free way to use your smart phone. It’s stylish and unleashes your inner secret agent with powerful communication features: 

Easy Calling and Messaging When You’re On-The-Go

Built with walkers and talkers in mind, ORII’s perfect for when you’re on-the-go and need to take care of that quick call or text. Just leave your phone in your pocket or bag and touch your ear to start communicating. 

Unlike a Bluetooth headset, you can wear ORII all day without the discomfort of having something in your ear. Lightweight and worn on your hand, it’s always ready when you are.

Hear and talk in loud places

It’s more fun to live out loud! That’s why ORII’s built to work even in loud places. Bone conduction uses physical vibration to send sound to your ear. This means background noise can’t interfere with your audio quality. And when you’re talking, ORII's dual noise-cancelling microphones make sure you come across crystal clear. How does that sound?

Discreet and private interactions

You can finally put that phone away! At work or at play, ORII helps you stay focused on the people you’re with by filtering notifications and making calls and messaging more discreet. A call you need to take? Forget about digging through your bag, just touch your ear and take care of business.

Get the Most Out of Siri / Google Assistant

Have you spoken with your voice assistant today? ORII is the most convenient way to use Siri / Google Assistant. Unlike having it on your phone or in a smart speaker, having it in a ring puts it where it’s most useful to you. It’s time to take care of those daily tasks while keeping your phone in your pocket!

Find out what your voice assistant can do for you today: Siri / Google Assistant

Filter Your Notifications 

Stop the constant buzzing and stay focused on the things you really care about. Filter your notifications through the ORII app by choose your favorite apps and select your key contacts and assign them a color. The LED light will let you know what kind of notification is coming through.


$200k stretch goal: 2-in-1 Charging case 

Every day is an adventure! We don’t want you to get caught without your ORII so we’ve designed a charging dock that looks great on your desk that's portable and sleek. Throw it in your bag so you can bring it with you wherever you’re. The best part? The charging dock can recharge your ring up to 5 times! 

Dual CapSense buttons

Dual CapSense buttons are hidden inside ORII’s casing so the outside stays sleek, grime-proof, and splash-proof. One tap, double tap, or long press ORII to control your phone and to activate Siri / Google Assistant. We make spy-craft look good.

Splash proof

Don’t be afraid to jump in and get your hands dirty. As makers, builders, and tinkerers, we knew ORII had to be resistant to the elements. It’s designed to be splash-proof and meets IPX7 water resistance testing.


Putting a ring on it is a big commitment, and we take that seriously. What you wear on your hand makes a statement about you, so we worked with a Japanese-trained Italian designer to create streamlined silhouette for ORII that says, ICONIC. Along with our color combinations, you’ll find a ring that’s just right for your tastes.


Color options

ORII is available in three colors, including sandblasted silver, metallic dark gray and matte black, which could fit in any different outfits.

Our 100K Stretch Goal : 

Product design

ORII is designed by award winning Italian product designer Andrea Ponti. Ponti has organized numerous exhibits and events for the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy on the theme of product design between Italy and Japan. He has received many international prizes and awards, including first prize at the 2012 LG Mobile Design Competition for a smartphone for the visually impaired; two Red Dot Design Awards in 2015, both designed for Philips in collaboration with Gibson Innovations; two Good Design Awards awarded from Japan in 2016, and the 2017 IF Design Award for the Matrix Powerwatch, an eco-friendly smartwatch that runs exclusively on body heat. Currently, Ponti designs for various global companies such as Panasonic, Philips and Samsonite. 





  Before shipping begins, we’ll send you a ring sizing gauge with instructions for finding the correct size for you.

And to make sure the ring fits you in all seasons, ORII comes with 3 silicone inserts that can adjust the size of the ring up and down.

 WANTED: A good home for personal voice assistants. 

Delivering on the true promise of personal voice assistants depends on how pervasive it can be AND how seamlessly integrates into our lives. 

What does this mean? 

Think: even more integrated into your life than your phone. But voice assistants are still searching for that right piece of hardware to call "home" so that it can be like Jarvis in Iron Man's suit: just a word away. 

Even though we're inclined to want voice interfaces, voice hardware today is limited in two major ways: it either sits on a table or it travels in your pocket. Each type of hardware either lacks pervasiveness (you can't use it once you walk away from your desk or leave your house) or fails in seamlessness (you're several swipes and clicks away). 

What about smart watches, Bluetooth, or wearables? 

At the end of the day, using your voice assistant isn't just about placement and UI problems: it's about overcoming style and social challenges too: conversing with your Voice AI on speakerphone in public is just awkward. And who wants to be the guy talking to his watch like Dick Tracy?

ORII makes our lives easier and increases productivity through enabling instant connection to smart devices handling daily matters more efficiently by simply using their voice - enabling complete screen free communication at the convenience of the user's fingertip.


Sound quality test

Functionality Walkthrough 



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