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Remember the Polygon, the Flat 4-in-1 measuring spoon? Well here comes that, on steroids. The Ori-Kit wants to replace half your kitchen utensils and you know what, that's great! Choose from 6 colours - Orange, Teal, Blue, Pink, Purple and KS Edition (Scroll to the bottom to learn more). We need 20 orders for this hunt to proceed so share this with your friends and join the hunt!

Fold it - Use it.

Ori-Kit is an origami-like kit for the kitchen and outdoors. It fits all your cooking, baking, and grilling needs and is easy to use for everyone, even kids!

Ori-Kit simplifies everything in your kitchen. With our creative design, you can replace your old and bulky kitchen set with a simple kit! It’s super compact, you can even bring it with you wherever you go. Save space, save time, and even save money with Ori-Kit!







Ori-Kit Comes in 6 Different Pieces

This 6-piece kit includes 3 spoons,1 turner, 1 funnel, and 1 colander. Each pieces comes with a smart and creative design and can be used in different ways - from serving food to removing pulp out of your favorite drinks.




The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pieces are 2-in-1 spoons in different sizes.

With 3 spoons, you can have a total of 6 different sizes of spoon to use. Just fold it to the size you want, and use it for serving food, measuring, or even for eating!

To use it, just fold it.


The 4th piece is a food turner which can be useful for cooking or serving food.

Use the Ori-Turner for turning food while cooking or serving food like pancakes, bacon, ham, hamburgers, fish, potatoes, eggs, and cookies.

Just fold it and serve.


The 5th piece is a funnel that comes in a creative design and is useful in many situations.

Easily transfer liquid or other fine-grained substances into containers with small opening without spilling.

Just fold it and pour.


The 6th piece is a colander in octagon shape designed to be used with a cup or small bowl.

Ori-Colander is useful for draining water, oil, or any liquid from canned goods or to remove pieces and pulp out of your favorite drinks.

Just fold it and drain.

 Easy to Store 

Ori-Kit is flat-shaped and flexible so you can easily store it without taking much space.

Store it along with your other utensils in a kitchen drawer too! With it’s bright color design, you’ll easily find it when you need it.

Easy to Clean  

Ori-Kit saves you time and money. Wash it by hand with your favorite dishwashing soap with less effort and less soap. Just one swipe!

 If you don’t feel like washing by hands, just load it in the dishwasher and done! Ori-Kit is dishwasher-safe.

 No More Food Waste

With Ori-Kit’s unique flat design, you can have less food waste. That means more Nutella for you and your friends. :)

And more honey for you, too!

Fits All Your Measuring Needs

Each Ori-Spoon comes in 2 different sizes and can measure stuff in liquid, viscous, or powder form from teaspoon to tablespoon size.


Safe to Use in High Temperatures

Ori-Kit can be used when grilling and can handle temperatures up to 260°C/500°F .

Intelligent Packaging

Ori-Kit is designed with simplicity in mind. With it’s smart packaging, it’s so easy to take it with you outside on a picnic or for barbequing outdoors.

 Environment Friendly

Ori-Kit has no harmful effects to mother nature. It is made out of TEFLON & SILICONE which is not only durable but also good for the environment.

Portable and Lightweight

With it’s super compact design, Ori-Kit is perfect for your next camping or backpacking adventure.

 Easy to Use 

Ori-Kit is simple and easy to use, even for kids! Just fold it and use it.








  • Choose from 6 different colours
  • Replace your spoons, thongs, ladels, funnels and corlanders with Ori-Kit
  • Get up to 18% OFF when you buy with Grouphunt
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