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Orbitkey Users

We are Orbitkey

We believe that clever organisation leads to better living.

Over the past 4 years, we’ve brought two significant products to you here on Kickstarter, with the help of over 15,000 amazing supporters, from all over the world.

We love Kickstarter. Not only did you help bring Orbitkey to life, you also allow us to focus on making great products and keep doing the things we love – without the influence of outside investors. We love the community and communication that comes with creating a new product, and we are grateful for the many friends we have met along the way, many of which have joined our team.

This new project is the result of countless feedback and hard work for the past few years. We hope to have you join us on our journey towards better living.


Design Process

We always try to be conscious of what we’re designing. To focus less on the quantity, and instead focus more on quality of the small but considered selection of products. Our hearts, minds and even weekends were poured into these new products, and we are excited to be sharing the process with you.

Adaptable design. Often, we are locked into things that you need to carry every day because it was very difficult to do otherwise. From the onset, we wanted to create something that truly flexible and versatile – both on the micro and macro level. Each component of the system is designed to work with each other and your belongings seamlessly. Our ring is designed to allow you to be more flexible with the things you need to carry. It allows you to quickly detach anything you do not need. This way, you can carry just the essentials at any given time.

Beautiful construction. Similar to our previous products, we blend traditional craft with the modern production process, to create something that’s uniquely elegant and functional. Together with our manufacturing partners, we aim to create consistent, high-quality goods that are going to serve you for a long time. In order for us to create a highly accurate leather goods, we had to design custom jigs to assist with aligning the components at the right place during construction. Each individual metal components have to go through many different processes to ensure the dimension accuracy and high-quality cosmetic finishes.

Material Science. Every component has been considered down to the very last details, including the material. Both the Ring and Clip have a unique construction. The design relies on two materials–so different in characteristic–working harmoniously to create a truly functional accessory. Finding a suitable material for this proves to be quite challenging. We needed to find a material that is flexible but has a really good shape-memory. This way, it will be easy to operate and will return to its original form straight after usage. After many failed attempts, we found that glass-filled polymer is the most suitable material for our application. Compared to the native polymer, it has improved mechanical properties of rigidity, strength and surface hardness – all while maintaining the flexibility. 

Patent Pending Locking Mechanism. One of the most challenging things in the entire process is designing a locking mechanism that is secure but also easy to unlock when you need to. It took a while, but we created many different types of locking feature design and ended up with the one that works really well. Our locking feature design automatically drops into place when a full rotation has been made – ensuring that the inner ring will not rotate unintentionally. We also added a pull tab, so you can easily unlock the mechanism when you need to. In the process of creating an intuitive design, we ended up with an iconic look/silhouette for the product that we carried through to the design of the Clip.

Designed with you in mind. Similar to the original Orbitkey key organiser, the new products feature very clean aesthetic and minimal branding. The result is understated elegance that you can carry everywhere confidently. We’ve spent many hours, creating countless prototypes of different designs for each component. The size and usability are some of the most critical aspects we focus on perfecting. The final size was dictated by the ease-of-operation, size of keys, and also correct proportion. The surface is smooth to make it a pleasant accessory to interact with. 


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