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What does it do?

The Oomph coffee maker is a filter, pressure brewer and travel cup in one. Thanks to our unique design, you can now brew exceptional coffee in under 2 minutes with minimal fuss.

Combining the best features of traditional press and modern piston brewing, the Oomph’s brewing system has the added advantage of being entirely self-contained, sealing in flavour and getting the very best out of your favourite coffee.

Once you’ve brewed, the Oomph will keep your coffee hot for up to an hour so you can decant into a mug or drink directly from the device itself.

Oomph portable coffee machine
Oomph portable coffee machine

How does it work?

Brewing with the Oomph couldn’t be simpler. After adding your favourite ground coffee into the inner chamber, pour on hot water and allow to brew. After around 1 minute of brewing on the reusable filter, the device is ready to be pressed.

Whereas a standard piston brewer generates a fixed amount of pressure, the Oomph’s specially designed chamber narrows towards the filter, forcing liquid through the coffee at an accelerated flow rate. The rate of erosion is therefore greatly increased and thanks to the higher level of insolubles in your coffee, you are guaranteed a stronger and more flavoursome brew.



Faster Brewing

Superior pressure brewing system reduces the need for long brewing times. Plunge your way to perfection in no time.

Simple Operation

Patent-pending grind correction system for easy brewing using any blend. Quick and easy to clean – no paper filters, no mess.

Total Control

Pinpoint accurate brewing every time. The only coffee maker capable of adjusting strength and flavour after the brew.

Discover New Ways to Brew

Cold brew coffee in record time. Take loose leaf tea to new levels of flavour. Discover more ways to brew with the Oomph.

The Ultimate Takeaway Coffee

Whether you are camping or commuting, in the office or on the move, drink perfect coffee direct from the brewing source.

Superior Quality

Find new worlds of coffee flavour. Take advantage of the Oomph’s Accelerated Flow Rate to brew your favourite blend to perfection.

Pressure brewed coffee on the go!


The Oomph is the world’s fastest hand powered portable coffee maker and travel cup.

Perfect for use at home, in the office or on the go – The Oomph can pressure brew a deliciously smooth coffee in less than 2 minutes!

The Oomph was engineered with the sole intention of brewing amazing coffee, doubling as an insulated travel cup that’s great for those grab and go mornings. Active stirring mixes the coffee as its brewed making the last sip taste just as good as the first.


Meet the Oomph


Oomph coffee

The quality is in the cup.


Take a sip from The Oomph and you will see what makes it stand out from the crowd. The quality really is in the cup! Engineered from tough BPA free materials the Oomph uses pressure generated from the user to achieve amazing extraction from the coffee.

The aim of the Oomph was to produce a device capable of producing a strong, rich and smooth coffee. Drinking straight from the device or using your favourite mug, The Oomph’s unique design really is the ultimate grab and go coffee maker – perfect for the modern lifestyle.

Tested against other leading coffee making devices, The Oomph has proved itself with its ability to achieve superior extraction using a variety of grind sizes.



Holds up to 13oz of fresh coffee.


Cleans in less than 30 seconds.


Keeps your coffee hot for up to an hour.

Oomph in White


For a rich, smooth tasting coffee.


Means no more bitter last sip!


Technically engineered, elegantly finished.

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