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A Simple Solution for Hot & Cold Food

OmieBox features a built-in vacuum insulated bowl, so you can store hot and cold food all in one lunchbox.

Kids get one-third of their daily calories at lunch, so don’t let your lunchbox limit what you feed them.  It’s all too easy to fall into a rut where you are rotating between PB&J, chicken nuggets and deli meat. 

Break Out of the Lunch Rut! 

OmieBox makes it easy to pack their favorite meals.  Add healthy soups & pastas to your lunch repertoire so you can nourish their growing bodies.  Our insulated bowl keeps food warm (or cold) until lunchtime, while the leak-proof compartments keep food separate and mess free.  Lunches taste good and look good, so kids are more likely to eat it.

Lunchtime is as Easy as 1-2-3

You can’t always be there to open lids or clean up spills. But you won’t need to when you use OmieBox! Our smart features will make lunchtime their favorite part of the day.

No Setup Required

OmieBox requires no setup, so kids spend more time eating, less time opening lids and laying out containers.

Easy Open Lid

Little hands have a hard time taking off tight lids, so we designed a special handle that's easy for kids to use.

Wide and Shallow

Our vacuum insulated bowl is wide and shallow, so kids can easily scoop out the food.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Small, versatile and tough, OmieBox will be your child’s trusty companion for years to come.

Parent’s Favorite Helper

We loaded OmieBox with smart features to make life a little easier for parents!

  • Dishwasher safe
  • 3 Leak-proof compartments
  • Integrated handle (so you don't need to buy a separate lunch bag)
  • Small footprint means less clutter in your kitchen

In a Nutshell


Pink Berry


Blue Sky


Purple Plum




Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Reposting so more will be notified! :)
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  • OmieBox Kids Thermos-Insulated Bento Lunch Box (New Colours! - Meadow, Pink Berry, Sunshine & Purple Plum) A Single Kid's Lunchbox That Serves Both Hot & Cold Food In One
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  • Hi I made a request for group buy but i would like to buy 2 instead of 1. Not sure would that make any difference as i only say the request indicated as 1. Usually takes how many more to be able to pull through this item? Anne.
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    Hi Anne, We usually start negotiations when we hit 25 requests. However, if there's strong interest and we see that the community really wants it we do start negotiating earlier. As for the indicated number of request it counts per user. So a way to work around it could be to ask if your friends would like to place orders for it as well? Hope this helps (:
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  • itml
    How Long is the insulation duration for keep warm / cold food?
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    hey :) they don't explicitly state the numbers but based on many reviews, food stays hot when prepared before kids leave for school in the morning till lunchtime :)
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  • OmieBox uses two types of insulation so lunch is always served at the perfect temperature. Air insulation, vacuum insulation plus an airtight seal minimizes heat transfer to keep lunch fresh and yummy. Every bowl inside OmieBox is made of 2 layers of foo
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