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Transducer Φ10 mm dynamic type
Acoustic technology Tornado equalizer、Encapsulated type
Sensitivity 106 dBSPL /mW
Frequency response 5 Hz ~ 40 kHz(HiRes corresponding)
Maximum input 200 mW
Impedance 18 Ω
Mass Approx16 g
Cord Φ3.5 mm L type connection code
Cord length 1.2 m(Y-type)
Supplied accessories

silicone ear tips SpinFit S / M / L size(M size is attached to the main body), Canual and warranty card.

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

■2WAY mounting

Normal wearing, ear mounted, both OK for 2WAY mounted model. Ear reduce the touch noise in the mounting. Also recommended during exercise.

■Tornado equalizer

Adopt a patent tornado equalizer method of music sound tea in acoustic technology. Canal type of ringleader of sound quality degradation, reduces the resonance in the vicinity of 6kHz caused by blocking the ear canal.

*1 Tornado Equalizer Circuit is Ocharaku’s patented acoustic technolog
y(JP PAT.No.4681698, US PAT.No.8885865, EP PAT.No.2461602)


Review by local audio reviewer 'kevingzw' on Head-Fi:

Pros: Mesmerizing Highs, Delicate Mids, Massive Soundstage, Clarity, Well Built Cable and Strain reliefs, Comes with Spin-fit tips

Cons: Spartan Accessories (does not include a carrying case/pouch, May be tad to forward (slight sibilance) to some


Some "Provenance" to the Brand Name:

Ocharaku is a "tea themed" company based in Japan. Focusing on Dynamic Driver IEM's, Ocharaku pushes the envelope when it comes to breaking the negative "dynamic driver" stigma (Balanced Armatures being viewed as the superior transducers by audio snobs). Utilizing resonance chambers and other proprietary technologies, Ocharaku is pushing the boundaries of dynamic driver IEM's, destroying the placebo of "more drivers= better sound". Despite developing reference class IEM's, Ocharaku is a relatively unknown brand, remaining a niche domestic brand in Japan's audiophile market. However, Ocharaku has garnered a passionate cult following of South-east Asian users, especially those looking for a "purely-reference" sound. Paired with Ocharaku's striking "aesthetic" and unorthodox driver designs, Ocharaku is a rebellious brand that refuses to conform to "audiophile" norms (refer to picture below).


Ocharaku's Flat Sui (Photo taken from

Despite their large catalog of earphones, their hefty price tags coupled with the clear lack of marketing has mired their potential to penetrate overseas markets and further expand on their horizons. Many of their distributors are all based in Japan ( being the biggest). However, without announcement, Ocharaku has released an affordable follow up IEM to the Ocharaku Donguri Raku (Approximately 150 USD). Featuring a "Tornado Equalizer" and a single dynamic driver, this is officially Ocharaku's cheapest and most accessible IEM to date. The reception so far has been rather tepid. Costing less than 50 USD, I decided to own my first pair of Ocharaku's, albeit being the cheapest model available. I managed to snag an almost brand new pair for approximately 35 USD in Singapore. This is my honest and in-depth review (these were not sent in and I'm in no way affiliated to Ocharaku or its distributors).


Accessories Package:


Available in 3 Colors (Dawn Blue, Silver Moon and Smokey Gold)

Understandably, most reviewers on Head-Fi offer snapshots and pics of the contents provided when it comes to any given product review. Sadly, the standard Ocharaku Co-Donguri package is rather sparse. The miniscule box is representative of that. The package includes:

1 x Ocharaku Co-Donguri IEM

1 X SpinFit Tips (S,M,L)

1 x Instruction Manual

I am somewhat disappointed by Ocharaku when it comes to the lack of a carrying case . Even budget IEM's that cost less than 40 dollars in the Chinese IEM Market come with a little faux-velvet pouch to store IEM's. However, the provision of  SpinFit Eartips Thread - The cheapest audio upgrade tips is thoughtful, especially when the retail value for SpinFits are considerably high.


Build Quality:

I have to say, these are "interesting" with respects to its design. The back of the IEM has an interesting bead blasted finish (akin to pebble), which provides easy-grip when it comes to the placement or removal of the earphones from your ear-canals. The entire IEM feels as if it has been "CNC" Machined and Manufactured, thanks to it's solid aluminium construction, being both lightweight and durable enough to take a beating. Do take note that the "front" and "bead blasted back" of the IEM's appear to be modular, as though these two parts are somehow "glued" or bolted together to form the driver housing (refer to picture below) 


The nozzle length paired with the superbly comfortable SpinFit tips make for a deep insertion, ensuring a snug fit. Any sudden movements are unlikely to displace the IEM's from your ears. The strain reliefs are ingeniously designed. The "inverted" or "angled" strain reliefs are hard plastic, molded over the cable sheathing to offset the weight of the cable and prevent cable-driver separation, a common issue with IEM's without removable cables. The cables are supple and nice to the touch, being pliable enough to  wear "under" or "over-ear". Oddly enough, the cable sheathing has a strange perforated "tubing" design. Overall, you are definitely getting more than you pay for when it comes to its build. 


Sound Quality:

Setup Used: Cowon Plenue D

                    Fiio X3 Mkii

                    Foobar 2000 v1.3.6 + Aune X1s



Taken from the official website

I have to admit on my part that these IEM's "WOWED" me on first listen. I'm not a fervent believer of "burn in" vs "psychological burn in" per se (audible differences aren't exactly night and day), but I decided to remain as objective as possible. I burned them in for approximately 20 hours without prior listens (to prevent unconditional biases from kicking in). The IEM's are rated at 18 ohms, so there shouldn't be any worries when it comes to driving these IEM's.

I was floored by the unobtrusive yet shimmery highs. Cymbals, Stringed and Wind instruments had a eerily accurate timbre/resonant reproduction unlike anything I've ever heard in this price bracket. The higher-end had just enough forwardness and grit to be considered "natural", with a slight tinge of sibilance. Female vocals, especially by vocalists in the "Mezzo Soprano" region such as Neko Case were larger than life, with an uncanny resemblance to a front seat performance. Male hymns or European Folk Groups such as Dry the River were represented beautifully by the Ocharaku's. It's almost impossible to describe and best left to the listener to decide for himself/herself. 


Dry the River- History Book (Acoustic)

The mid-frequencies were clear and remained unaffected by the usual bombastic lows that or often characteristic of poorly optimized dynamic drivers. The highs took center stage but the mids followed suit. The lows had a "shy of neutral" tuning, with mid-bass thumps akin to a balance armature with a tad more sub-bass decay. 

For a budget IEM, the sound-stage trumps many of it's competitors (even those that cost up to 8 times more). It's sound-stage, while not as wide as a flat-plain like some of its balanced armature counterparts (with their faux left-right channel separation that comes as off unnatural at best), the Ocharaku's recreate an incredibly clear and coherent sound-stage. Imaging was a blast, with instruments/backing vocals being well positioned and easy to identify. IMHO, the Ocharaku's actually sounded better than my previous daily beaters! (the Noble 4 to be exact)

Overall, the Ocharaku Co-Donguri is a stellar single dynamic driver that gives its competitors a run for their money. Do take note that they paired superbly with my Cowon Plenue D and  FiiO X3 2nd gen Ultraportable Hi-Res DAP but sounded a tad to forward and somewhat fatiguing when paired with the  Aune X1S 32Bit/384KHz DSD DAC Headphone Amplifier  (YMMV)


In Conclusion;

I was left completely speechless. When it comes to price to performance ratio, the Ocharaku's are an easy 1:10. As stated previously in a review I did on the ever-changing FLC 8S, I stated clearly that I hated single or multiple balanced armature setups due to it's unnatural tingey sound and psuedo "left to right" sound-stage. These Japanese beasts are living proof that dynamic drivers can be superior to multiple driver setups if done right. Sometimes less is more, and in this case, they are WAY more.


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