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In the past few years everyday carry bags have becoming increasingly more popular. However we felt most of these bags fell into one of three categories - 1. Super expensive because you're paying for the name/label 2. Cheaply made and won't last longer than a few years 3. Have a heavy military/tactical aesthetic. We wanted to do something different...

Introducing the Commuterpak an EDC bag with a sleek urban aesthetic, built to last and priced fairly for the average consumer. 





Unpacking/Insight Video: Check out all the EDC you can fit inside the Commuterpak, and find out more info. on the bag itself.



Features (Close-Up):

  • Dimensions - W: 11.5" (29.21cm) H: 9.0" (22.86cm) D: 4.5" (11.43cm) 
  • Weight - 13.5 ounces (Less Than One Pound!)
  • Total Strap Length (Includes Width of Bag) - Shortest: 33.5" (85.09cm) & Longest 49.5" (125.73cm)

Main Compartment (Interior View): 

Device/Tablet Compatibility: Here is a list of popular devices and tablets that can easily be stored (stay protected) in the bag's padded microfiber sleeve.


Colors Available: 


Mission Statement: As a company we're committed to making exceptionally high-quality gear at prices everyone can afford. We simply do NOT believe you have to spend a ton of money to get your hands on some killer stuff.

Funk St. Outfitters is a team of friends who combined have decades worth of experience working with brands, launching products and being in the digital space. However we knew we couldn't do it alone and partnered with experienced design and technical advisors to make a truly great bag.

Pre-Prototype Technical Drawing of Commuterpak in-partnership w/XPack Design
Pre-Prototype Technical Drawing of Commuterpak in-partnership w/XPack Design


Ben Meredith (Visual Director)- Ben & Bryan worked together at Complex Media and became fast friends. Ben left Corporate America to pursue his love of video & cinematography. Besides working on multiple videos for Kickstarter projects w/Bryan – he has also shot for major clients like Nordstrom, Toyota & Universal Music Group. Check out his company Antigua Way Films to see some of the cool stuff he has done.

Brian Abrams(Design Advisor) - Bryan initially met Brian when his company AMABILIS was trying to launch their first Kickstarter. Given Brian's 25+ years of tactical design experience and his true passion/commitment to quality gear, we knew he needed to be an advisor on the Commuterpak in order to ensure the bag was of the highest quality. You should definitely check out his brand AMABILIS to scope out some seriously killer gear!

Bryan Kinney (Founder) - After spending nearly a decade in online advertising/marketing working at big websites like,,, etc. he left Corporate America and began to freelance for emerging brands. In this adventure he became a Marketing Consultant at a bag company that successfully launched on Kickstarter, which ended up becoming a Marketing Director/Minority Owner position. At this point in his career Bryan realized that he wanted to foster his own love of gear and entrepreneurial spirit and left the company. For the past 2 years he has been freelancing for other up and coming gear brands while working on the Commuterpak launch.

Drew Smith (Strategy) - A marketing master that has worked with countless brands such as adidas, Beats by Dre, Dr Pepper, etc. he has his finger on the pulse of what's trending. In Drew's free time he likes to help Ben & Bryan do cool stuff, and is also an aspiring photographer that has a killer IG account called @drew_shot_ya which you should definitely check out.

Evan Grossjan (Product Testing) - Evan is a cycling enthusiast and runs his biking blog/Instagram account @cyclerstyle in his spare time. Evan tested out multiple versions of the Commuterpak and provided invaluable feedback to ensure it's a killer bike bag.

Phillip Kinney (Design) - An avid climber, yogi, gear junkie and Bryan's brother - he provided valuable insight on the bag based on stuff he likes to use on a regular basis. Not to mention he doesn't cut his brother any slack, so when Bryan got his brother's stamp of approval he knew he had a great product!

XPack Design (Technical Advisor) - Even though we were confident the Commuterpak was an awesome bag, we took extra initiative and partnered with XPack Design to ensure it's functional design was of the highest quality. The team over at XPack has designed bags for companies like Poler, The North Face, ICEMULE and more. Check out some of their designs on their site

A super tiny look into taking the Commuterpak and making it into a finalized high-quality product.

Here a few more shots from our video shoot to give you a better look at the Commuterpak.

The bag's compact size makes it the perfect companion for a day-trip or quick morning hike.

At less than a pound, the Commuterpak is comfortable no matter which way you wear it.

Every part of the bag is designed for maximum efficiency, including the exterior/side D-rings which can be used to keep items like hand sanitizer, small flashlight, etc. 

The bag's stealth design gives it an inconspicuous look making it a perfect companion no matter your style.

We've partnered with a world-class manufacturing partner giving us the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty based on the build quality.

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