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The Newton began when product designer Hayden Maunsell wanted to lower the financial and environmental cost of his own coffee love.  He wanted a simple espresso press that would produce a great crema without compromising on design. As a designer, he began to sketch out some ideas and his excitement grew. He took the sketches to craftsman Alan Neilson, and it quickly started to become a reality.  The prototype stages swiftly passed and the design evolved to what you see here today - quality, functional craft.  The Newton Espresso maker is a lever press design, which by adding boiling water and fresh coffee grinds to, can create a unique delicious coffee.  Each and every Newton is hand crafted in Hawke's Bay to the finest quality.  With a long history in fine art and craft we strive to provide our customers with a piece of art that creates fine coffee and is not a factory produced appliance.  



  • Quality materials that will last a lifetime (no plastic parts) 
  • ZERO WASTE!!!!! No pods, no bags, no filters just coffee grinds for your garden compost 
  • The only lever press using 'double seal' piston action to give a more accurate pressure throughout the pull 
  • Made by craftsmen and designers Individually assembled and quality tested 
  • Customer service directly from one of our team below 
  • Nominated for numerous design awards 
  • A design feature for your kitchen
  • Made in New Zealand




  • Boil water on your stovetop or electric jug
  • Remove basket and basket holder from the barrel


  • Pour boiling water into the barrel with the lever down
  • Leave water till after packing the basket
  • Lift the lever and pull lever down to move the water through the piston into your cup
  • Pour out water into the sink


  • Take finely ground fresh coffee and add 15-18gms into the basket
  • Tamp down with our custom tamper
  • Press firmly (this will differ depending on the coarseness of your grinds)
  • Brush off excess grind around the basket
  • Screw the basket up into the barrel


  • Pour boiling water into the barrel with the lever down
  • Lift the lever to move the water into the barrel
  • When lever is at the top slowly press the lever down until the first drips appear
  • Pause for a few seconds for the water to infuse into the grinds
  • Continue to press the lever all the way down until the full shot is poured
  • If necessary lift the lever up and press down to extract all the water


  • With a delicious espresso and thick crema you can drink as is, add water for a long black or water and milk for an Americano



  • Height - Lever down - 350mm | Lever up - 520mm
  • Width - 140mm
  • Length - 230mm
  • Weight - 2kg
  • Materials - The Newton is crafted in a powder coated stainless steel frame and anodised aluminium barrel and lever. The base and handle is a bench top grade clear coated maple timber
  • Pressure achieved - 8-9bar (100-120psi)
  • Basket size - 51mm (holds 15-18gms coffee grinds)
  • Tamper - custom tamper supplied


Design Sketches
Design Sketches




Hayden is a 31 year old award winning designer from Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. He finished school and completed an apprenticeship in Refrigeration Engineering, working in this for 8 years before completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design followed by a Masters of Art and Design. Hayden is now the designer for Newton Espresso as well as the design studio Faculty.

Alan is a 63 year old craftsman from Hawke's Bay. He completed an apprenticeship in toolmaking at a leading cycle and lawnmower manufacturing company and went on to do prototype research and development in that field. Alan's diverse skills in crafting and engineering also saw him working with exceptional accuracy restoring medical and scientific antiques in London. He is a self-taught wood turner, winning many awards and accolades both in New Zealand and overseas. He has restored his 100 year old New Zealand house, made furniture, cabinetry, fittings, jewellery and toys for his home and for his family. These are the skills that have brought the Newton to life.

Josh and Steph are the team behind Newton marketing and day to day business.  If you are seeing some lovely photos of the Newton, chances are one of these two dreamed up the composition.  Josh's background is in all things photography running a full time photography business for the past 10 years.  Steph is a studio photographer who works from her Marlo and Co studio in Okere Falls New Zealand, and is often behind the camera on projects out in the field with Josh as well. These two are our biggest consumers of coffee in the team which has meant the Newton has been put through some vigorous testing! 

Tara is an ambitious creative, with a knack for graphic design and branding. She recently completed her Master of Professional Creative Practice and has joined the Newton crew to oversee the creative direction and design studio organisation. Tara has an eye for detail, and supplements her positivity with good coffee and bad puns. 

Jenny Neilson - Biggest fan and on going support to all the team!

Our Families - For their support and ever developing ideas!

James Simpson - Opus Fresh - Our wealth of Kickstarter knowledge!

Marlo and Co Studio - One of our photography team.                                

Josh Neilson Photography - The other half of our imagery team.

Everyone who has taken the time to review and write about the Newton!

Georgia on Tennyson - Great insight into the finer details of espresso!

Alan + Hayden outside Newton HQ in beautiful Hawkes Bay
Alan + Hayden outside Newton HQ in beautiful Hawkes Bay
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