To install the Nebia Shower System, you need:

Water Pressure:

  • 35 – 100 psi / 2.4 – 6.9 bar

Water Heater Temperature:

  • At least 115° F / 46° C



  • Water outlet must exit the wall (not the ceiling), recommended floor to water outlet distance: 72 – 84"/ 183 – 213cm.
  • Minimum clearance from water outlet to ceiling: 4"/ 10cm.
  • Minimum clearance from water outlet downward to temperature controls (or other obstacles): 27"/ 68cm.
  • Minimum clearance from nearest side wall: 5"/ 13 cm


  • A ½" Female NPT (or ½" BSPT) pipe connection in your wall (this is standard in most bathrooms).
  • Wall surface cannot be slate.


Having troubles with this step?

My water outlet is off-center, can I still install the Nebia Shower System?

Yes, as long as you have a minimum of 5 inches to the left and right of the water outlet, and there are no obstructions in the installation zone, you will be able to install the Nebia shower.

My water outlet is lower than the recommended height, can I still install the shower?

Yes, however as the Nebia Head will rise 3 inches above the water outlet, we recommend an installation height of 72 to 84 inches / 183 to 213 cm to accommodate the vast majority of user heights.

I have a European style shower, can I still install the Nebia shower?

To successfully install the Nebia Shower System you will need a single dedicated pipe exiting the wall at a recommended height of 72 to 84 inches.