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Tired of losing stuff?  Just Mu Tag it!

  • Tiniest tracker in the market
  • Rechargeable and Replaceable battery that lasts up to 3 months!
  • No bluetooth connection required.  A real energy saver!
  • Adhesive back allows you to tag anything!

Grouphunt Deal includes ONE MU TAG with your choice of battery colour.  Do note that Mu Tags can only be charged via the MU CHARGER (+$21.5) so you will have to add on one in your purchase!  Grab extra batteries (+$7.20), chargers (+$21.5) and key fobs (+$7.20) via the add-on options!

To Prevent Loss in the First Place

With an endless array of tracking solutions out there to help you find your lost belongings, we believe that there is a better way - to prevent loss in the first place. The Mu tag offers the simplest and smartest way to keep your belongings safe.

Meet the Mu Tag

The Mu tag is a small, discreet electronic tag which can be attached to belongings that matter to you. Through our small design and smart notifications, we encourage you to live stress free without having to worry about losing track of your belongings.

The Mu tag communicates with your smartphone or smartwatch and notifies you when you go too far away from your belongings. The app also remembers your safe locations so you don't get any false notifications.

The Mu tag is composed of two modules: the main micro-controller module, and an interchangeable and rechargeable battery module.



The Basics

Using the Mu tag is easy. Simply attach it to any belongings that you don't want to lose and we'll take care of the rest.

Need to remember to take your passport and carry-on for a flight tomorrow? We'll be sure remind you by syncing with your calendar. Need to remember where you parked your car? No problem, we'll remember where you last left it!

A Few of the Many Use Cases

Setup is Easy!


Colors Available

We believe that wearables, or more accurately, 'attachables', should blend in with your personality and your belongings. At informu, we are proud of the final form factor of the Mu tag that took us many iterations to get to. We want you to feel the same when you decide to attach the Mu tag to your belongings. In addition to its small size and discreet profile, we are also offering four colors of the Mu tag, but that may certainly change.


The Smartphone Application

The informu smartphone application allows you to manage all your tags and configure them for daily use. No bluetooth pairing is necessary which drastically improves the onboarding process. Once tags are added, notifications are sent to the phone and/or smartwatch.

Device compatibility:

  • iPhone 4S and later
  • Android 4.4 and later
  • Based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

At its foundation, the Mu tag acts as a virtual leash between you and your tracked items.

In addition to being a virtual leash, the Mu tag learns about you and your needs. By integrating with your calendar, it infers what items you may need.

Smart Notifications

While we understand that the Mu tag is supposed to help you never lose track of your things, we also don't want to notify you excessively. The app will remember any safe locations you configure for each tag. That way, we won't bug you in the comfort of your own home, but we sure will if you leave something behind at a coffee shop! Furthermore, the app will also leverage your calendar data to inform you of any items that you may need for an upcoming event.

Mu Hub


These items will be available to all backers as add-ons during the final survey before rewards are shipped.

Mu Charger

A tiny charger for the Mu tag that's as small as a USB connector.

Key Fob

In case you wanted to attach the Mu tag to your keys, we are also offering personalized key fobs!

** Note: The Mu charger and key fob will be available for backers to purchase as an add-on during the final survey before rewards are shipped. These prices may also vary depending on the amount of backers as it is costlier to manufacture smaller amounts. We are working hard to keep them to the estimated prices or maybe even lower for our early backers!

Mu Tag vs. Other Trackers

One of the key factors of the Mu tag is its size. We are significantly smaller than many other tracking products out there. Check out the size comparison below.

Another key feature of the Mu tag is that it works even if you kill the app on your phone. By utilizing iBeacon technology, we are able to send you push notifications even if you terminate the app. This helps us save battery life while also being able to send you notifications regardless of the app's state.

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