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Grouphunt deal features a single USB Type-C port 45Watt Mu One charger unit with THREE interchangeable plug heads, for; UK (plug type G), US (plug type A) and EU (plug type C). 

Introducing the Mu One - the world's thinnest international charger. Four times more powerful than its predecessor, it charges smartphones, tablets and now even latest Macbooks and notebooks.

Previous winner of the British Design of the Year Award, Red Dot Award and the Accessory of Mobile World Congress, the Mu One is the next chapter of the Mu story.


Introducing the Mu One

The Mu One is not just the thinnest international charger in the world but now also packs in an amazing 45W of power along with fast charge technology – that’s enough to charge the latest notebooks, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices in super quick time.

Pocket sized and compact, the Mu One has a unique and patented fold-flat design with an interchangeable head system. This allows the Mu One to reduce its size to an amazing 14mm thin – that’s over 70% smaller than the 29W Type-C Apple Charger!

Mu One 45W charger vs Apple 29W charger
Mu One 45W charger vs Apple 29W charger

Have a USB Type-C, Lightning or Micro USB device?  When it comes to chargers, the Mu One is the only one you need.

Combining ultra slim design with cutting edge power technology, the Mu One boasts PD Technology for a fast adaptive charge and breakthrough GaN technology that creates an astonishing 94% power efficiency. This enables a huge amount of power to fit into the super small Mu One. 

The Mu One is truly a fusion of award winning design and cutting edge power technology.

For all your devices, wherever you are. 


Mu One: Under The Hood 

The Mu One has an amazing 45W of power with fast charge technology making it suitable for all smartphones, tablets and even the latest Macbooks and notebooks. This is all thanks to THREE remarkable pieces of technology under the hood…

FirstlyGallium Nitride Technology (GaN). Enabling very high-power in a super small space, all with 94% power efficiency. This is the real genius of the Mu One being able to pack a punch. This latest technological break through in power, enables us to provide big power in our tiny Mu One.

SecondlyPower Delivery Technology (PD). Fast charge, adaptive charge, quick charge – it’s all about being able to change the voltage output of the charger to adjust to devices and create a quick charging experience. The Mu One comes with a PD controller onboard and will charge fast.

And then, an Auto-Detect Chip. Providing intelligent identification to iOS, Android and other devices to ensure that they charge at an optimum rate. The Mu One provides the perfect charge no matter which device, make or model is being used.

The Mu One - A fusion of award winning design and cutting edge power technology.  


As you’d expect, the Mu One will be certified to the relevant global safety standards for chargers.


Mu One international charger: how it works

The Mu One comprises a patented fold-flat design with an interchangeable plug head system, enabling the product to be used in over 200 countries worldwide whilst remaining pocket sized and portable.

To use the Mu One, you will need two main parts:
1. The 45W power block with a reversible USB Type-C connector
2. One of the three interchangeable plug heads

Simply swap on the plug head for the country you are in or travelling to, select the correct cable for your device, and plug into the mains socket to charge your devices.

The Brit - pocket-sized and portable, this plug will reduce your overall UK plug size by over 70%. Say goodbye to bulky UK chargers! Suitable for use in the UK & Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia plus 50 more plug type G countries worldwide.

The European - portable, with a 90 degree rotation for bi-directional use, this plug head enables you to charge the products you love with a stylish twist. Suitable for use in the EU, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia plus over 100 more plug type C countries worldwide.

The American - pocket-sized with fold-away pins, the streamlined design plugs flat against the socket and is the perfect travel companion. Suitable for use in the US, Canada, China,Thailand, Japan plus 50 more plug type A countries worldwide.

Mu One with US plug head attached
Mu One with US plug head attached


Mu One: Compatible Devices 

The Mu One incorporates the latest breakthroughs in power technology. It features the new reversible USB Type-C connector that has been adopted by Apple, Samsung and most major makers of mobile devices, so you just need to use the appropriate cable for your device:

The Mu One is compatible with Micro USB, Lightning and USB Type-C charged devices.

For Micro USB products simply connect a USB Type-C to Micro USB cable.
This generally includes Android devices, games consoles and cameras.

For Lightning devices, connect a USB Type-C to Lightning cable.
This generally includes iOS devices i.e. iPhones and iPads.

And for USB Type-C devices, a C to C cable is what you need.
This generally includes the latest Android devices and the latest Apple Macbooks.

Please see the FAQ's for a more comprehensive list of the major compatible devices.

Here's a first look at our initial prototyping of the Mu One in the meantime...



Our Story

A few years ago two Dudes wrestled with a sketch.

A sketch that was about to have life forced upon it.

It was the start of a heroic British start-up story. A story that was solving a long overlooked problem of the size of the humble UK plug.

Having been unchanged for over 50 years the UK plug was outdated and outsized in comparison to the mobile devices that it served. That changed as the sketch became the Mu and the UK plug size was solved forever.

The Mu won Design of the Year, Accessory of Mobile World Congress along with other associated high profile awards for its novel and simplistic form factor.

But in reality, the job was only half done.

Under the hood, the unseen secondary challenge of the Mu related to the power that it provides. In its first manifestation the ‘Mu Classic’, the Mu had an output power of 1Amp — just enough to charge a smartphone. Later, the ‘Mu Tablet’, ‘Mu Duo’ and ‘Mu International’ increased the power to 2.4Amp — now smartphone and tablet ready. But the enemy of increasing the power of the Mu had two faces: the size of the components on the electronics board inside the Mu that were generally linear to its output, and the heat that it produced. The Mu, being super small, had a very limited enclosure to fit power and to disperse and heat. The impact that the Mu could have over a full range of mobile devices was limited by its essence — size.

For the last two years, the small team behind the Mu have been working with the major global semi-conductor companies aligning their design to the ultimate pursuit of these goliath power providers — high power density (lots of output in a small space) and high efficiency (low heat loss).

And the results are in…

The Mu One hosts 45W output power, now enough to power the latest notebooks and Macbooks. It hosts Power Delivery Technology that creates a variable voltage for fast charging devices, and it has an auto detect chip on board that creates an optimum charge for iOS, Android and other makes of mobile devices. All of this inside the svelte 14mm profile of the Mu.

Being able to add over four times the power of its predecessor is a result of the birth of Gallium Nitride Technology (GaN) enabling a huge amount of power to be enclosed in a very small space — all whilst running at a market leading efficiency of over 90%.

Finally, the solution to create the ultimate Mu is available.

Technology has finally caught up with the Mu that those two Dudes always wanted to produce.

Two Dudes
Two Dudes


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