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We Read More Than Ever, But What Are We Reading?

Congratulations! You are alive at a time when human beings are reading more then ever. But too often we choose sources of information—news feeds, photo streams, online news, email—that nourish our mind like candy bars nourish our bodies. What if we all spent 10% more time reading great literature? 

Read With a Purpose

Mouse Books is literature for the mobile space. Our books are hand-selected, durable, beautiful, approachable texts that go with you anywhere. They never run out of battery life, their ‘screens’ never crack, and they don’t ring, buzz, or vibrate. Mouse Books are all 48 pages. 

 Here’s how it works: 

CURATE: Our Mouse editors carefully curate selections of literature, short stories, speeches, poetry, and more, all structured around themes that are topical, challenging, and varied. Basically, we create a great literary playlist.

DESIGN: Each text is thoughtfully designed cover-to-cover to make the reading experience easy, fun, and beautiful.  

BUY: Readers can buy a single themed three-pack or a subscription of quarterly, themed shipments. Each quarterly shipment includes a themed series (three-pack), bonus books, and other surprises. 

READ & SHARE: Read Mouse Books on a plane, during your commute, in a coffee shop, at the dentist, at home. When you finish your Mouse Book, give it a home on your bookshelf, or pass it on to a friend, family member, or stranger! And if you subscribe, we’ll send you extras to pass around to people in your life.

REFLECT: Reading without reflection is like eating without digestion (Edmund Burke). Reading Mouse Books is just the first step: We organize online discussions, host weekly podcasts, support local book clubs, and provide thought-provoking questions at the back of the text.

BUILD COMMUNITY: The Mouse Book Club brings people together around great works of literature. Join a movement of reading that demands we slow down, look around, reflect on how we are living, and imagine the possibilities of humanity.





Mouse Books are meticulously designed. From the text size, to the thickness and color of the paper—every element has been considered, tested, and refined to give you the best and most portable reading experience.




Each quarter our literary experts curate a selection of three pieces of literature (short stories, speeches, poetry, and more) that explore a given theme. Take the guess-work out of book-picking, and be sure you're reading dignified texts wherever you go.


And there is more! In addition to the themed 3-pack of books, in each quarterly shipment there will also be some surprise, limited-edition bonus books carefully chosen by our team! (subscribers only!)


A one year subscription will get you all of this! Four quarterly themes, bonus books, and surprise goodies! 


Our team of editors and designers put a tremendous amount of care into the Mouse Book experience. Our objective is to surprise and delight you with every single shipment. From our in-house podcast book club to surprises slipped into your shipment, we are constantly scheming to create a mind-blowing experience. Basically, we want receiving your shipment of Mouse Books to be one of the best feelings in your life.


SHARING EDITION - $25,000 Stretch Goal

The Mouse team believes that while reading great literature is the first step, SHARING great literature is even better! Our first 1000 backers at any level will receive an TWO COPIES Of Friendship by Michel de Montaigne - one for you and one to share with a friend!  We're sending to the printer on June 12 and will get them to you ASAP!!!!
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