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Morsel is part spoon, part fork, part spatula, resulting in the world's first... Sporkatula? Foonula? We couldn't decide, so we decided to call it Morsel

We wanted to design a better utensil that solved all the shortcomings we saw in conventional sporks and camping utensils. And after a year of serious sporking, we think we've succeeded.

Squishy but not sticky, for easy scraping on any surface.
Squishy but not sticky, for easy scraping on any surface.


Eating should never be the crux of an adventure, so our goal is to make eating just a little bit easier, no matter what you're eating out of.

Scrape every last bit of food, every single time. More food in your stomach, less cleaning, and less waste.

Morsel's long length is perfect for scraping every last bit of food from your Mountain House meal without getting your hands dirty.

Sometimes length matters.
Sometimes length matters.

Morsel is designed to be more versatile and useful than other utensils. Simply put, it's designed to work better.

Stretch goals are additional goals in case we exceed our original funding target - like if (by some miracle) Morsel goes viral on the interwebs.

We have a bunch of wild ideas for spin-off products, and if our campaign is successful enough we'll be able to bring them to life too. Ideas like...

  • Cool Colors - Get a spork to match your style
  • Morsel Mini - Same spork, smaller size
  • Morsel Spoon - For the spooning purist

Do you dig it? Well the only way we'll reach these stretch goals is if you help us spread the word. So please, tell your friends about Morsel. If not for us, then do it for the adorable little Morsel Mini.


We're two Portland-based product designers trying to bootstrap our way into spork production. We've already collaborated on a bunch of cool freelance design projects, and as individuals we've each successfully launched and fulfilled crowdfunding campaigns. Over the last decade we both worked in product engineering and creative design environments, and are experts at turning napkin sketches into real things (for realsies).

Zac | Website

Alex | Portfolio | Website

It started with a simple idea: to make a spork with a rubber edge.

Zac just wasn't satisfied with the sporks on the market. He vented to Alex about how camping sporks were all basically the same, and they all sorta sucked at being used as eating utensils. He wanted something that would fit any shape - which led to the idea of having a soft, rubbery spoon.

This was probably the first of Zac's countless silly product ideas that had genuinely piqued Alex's interest. The whole product could be simple, elegant, and functional - and they felt that previous attempts at reinventing the spork had fallen short of what a spork could truly be.

They agreed to tackle the Ultimate Spork Project, and set to work. Following a traditional product design process, they began by examining all the things they did and didn't like about current spork tech. They started dreaming of all the ways they could impove the spork. And they spent beer-fueled nights sketching concepts on post-it notes, sorting ideas, and evaluating manufacturing risks and feasibilty for different concepts.

After a lot of heated discussion, emotions, and coffee, they started to focus in on a general design plan. From there, they spent countless hours sketching and hand-carving sleek models out of foam, creating 3d-printed concepts, and working on the design's functionality and manufacturability.

The quest for a better spork was on.

We started making a list of all the other little things that annoyed us about conventional sporks. Things like...

  • Tiny, barely-functional fork tines
  • Spoons that drip liquids
  • Handles that break too easily
  • Handles too short for deep food bags

We wanted to address all these common spork complaints, while blending the solutions into a single, elegant utensil. One that functioned as well as any normal kitchen cutlery, and one that didn't feel like a compromise.

Our designs evolved, literally, into a complex asymmetric shape that allows for continuous contact, whether digging into tight corners, or scraping along the surfaces of big bowls.

We've crafted countless prototypes from clay, foam, and plastic, and we've bought fancy 3d-prints to validate and test our design.

Morsel is the result a year and a half of spork-centric obsession. A quest to create the rad, versatile utensil that we always secretly wanted, and you never knew you needed - until now.

As a couple of product design perfectionists, we're proud of what Morsel has become - an expression of form that makes no sacrifices in function.

Or, in the words of a random internet person...

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