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Momo is the first all-in-one smart home device. It is a standalone security system, smart home super hub, and artificially intelligent assistant, all integrated into a discrete and timelessly stylish lamp form factor. It simplifies lives by making smart homes safer, more comfortable, more accessible, and more efficient.



Momo offers many functions in one, allowing you to replace security systems, smart home hubs, and many other home systems with one elegant device - no complicated installation required.




Home Security - Momo is packed with standalone security features like motion detection, facial recognition, and intelligent sound detection, and can also work with any additional security systems around the home. 

Smart Home Super Hub - Thanks to a full suite of connectivity systems and an open architecture, Momo can automatically sync with and manage nearly all smart home devices, including standard appliances plugged into smart plugs. 

Learn & Adopt Intelligence - Momo employs machine learning techniques to learn user habits and environmental preferences, and suggest automations for your home to perfectly fit your life.





Momo isn't just a hub - it's a fully featured smart home robot, that learns and adapts to the requirements of your home life.


Whether you want to manage every action in your smart home, or let Momo effortlessly automate your home life, we've equipped it with all the features you will ever need:


 Momo's AI frees you from time consuming home management by automating your home, giving you more time to do the things you love. Momo's smart home management can lead to impressive energy savings, keep your home safe, and help you to build the perfect smart home experience.




Momo offers 24/7, intelligent and self-learning standalone security, in addition to full compatibility with all smart security sensors. 



Thanks to Momo's revolutionary AI capabilities, it can automatically arm your security when you are asleep or away from the home, provide live feeds of abnormal events detected, and even connect you with users in the home in the case of an emergency. 



Momo is equipped with a 360° night vision camera, facial recognition, motion detection, intelligent sound detection and more, to provide a 24/7 standalone home security solution.



Momo's artificial intelligence extends to a full suite of standalone security features. It can automatically activate these features when you leave the home, or when your family is asleep. Sensors include light, sound, smoke and air quality, motion detection, and intelligent sound detection.

Momo will learn the layout of the space it is in, along with the faces and patterns of all residents and friends, provided they are "introduced" by a resident. With it's rotating night vision camera, you can stream live video and keep an eye on the home when away. Momo will deliver auditory, light, and app alerts whenever strange motion, abnormal sounds, or changes in air quality alert it to something wrong in the home. Intelligent sound detection can tell the difference between normal home noises and sounds like a cry for help or breaking glass. 



Momo's intelligence extends to connected security systems in the home, acting as a hub for conveniently controlling them all at once.


Momo connects to wireless door or window sensors, moisture sensors, and additional security cameras. View all video feeds for connected cameras right from the Momo Home app. You can even keep track of the health of loved ones wearing smart bands.

The Momo Home app lets you view and manage all these devices, or you can let Momo manage them automatically, and alert you to any issues.



Whether it's an emergency or you just want to check in on your loved ones, Momo allows wireless two-way video and audio communication.

When it is connected to WiFi, Momo allows you to make and receive video calls through any connected AV device, like a smart TV, Computer, or mobile phone. You can also make WiFi voice calls using Momo's speaker and microphone.

Momo allows a wide variety of remote functions, like remote activation of devices in Momo's network. For example, you might want to turn on lights or music in the home to simulate a presence while you are away.



Your privacy is incredibly important - that's why Momo uses 128-bit encryption running on proven software, thanks to our partnership with Microsoft.



In addition to encrypting all data that goes through Momo, you can choose to manually lock Momo's camera and microphone by rotating the shade to physically block them and set Momo in the security lock position. Momo does not retrieve, store or share any personal data, and prioritizes in-house users' privacy over remote access requests.



Momo is the ultimate smart home hub, coordinating all your smart home devices and allowing for a fully autonomous, managed experience. 



No other smart home hub offers the same artificially intelligent learning that Momo does. Manage all your devices through Momo manually, or let Momo do all the work; the choice is yours. 



Momo can detect other smart home devices automatically - setting it up couldn't be simpler.



Once you have downloaded the Momo app, you can make a profile, set your password, and add any additional users. Momo takes it from there - it will automaticaly detect devices it can connect to, and ask if you would like to add them to Momo's network. 


Momo runs on an open platform, and is the first smart home device that can work with all your other devices without losing any functionality.

With Momo, the possibilities are endless. It will work with natural language virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Whether you use the native apps for connected devices or the Momo Home app, you will not lose any functionality, and Momo will continue to learn your patterns and preferences.



Stream your favorite web radio to connected Bluetooth speakers, set the thermostat to your perfect temperature, adjust the lighting - Momo will let you control any system with wireless connectivity. You can even connect to traditional appliances by plugging them into smart plugs and letting Momo know what appliance is connected. No more leaving the oven on - Momo will alert you if an appliance has been left on in an empty home.



Most smart home devices are ugly plastic boxes, marring the aesthetic of your home. Momo is designed by a professional lighting design studio in Italy as a beautiful and functional lamp, with style that will stand the test of time.



Momo is discrete, and will blend into any room in the home while adding mood lighting you can fully customize. Use gesture control to brighten or dim the lamp, or change through the four modes: Study, Relax, Night, and Living. Momo will illuminate automatically when you enter the room, and can change its brightness based on ambient light. It will even light up if the power goes out, thanks to a backup battery. 



Create pre-set modes for different scenarios: if you're having dinner with friends, you can tell Momo to automatically set a soft light, raise the thermostat to 72°F, and play your favorite music.



Interact with Momo however you want, as much or as little as you would like.



With Momo, your level of control is entirely up to you - and all automation goes through you. You can control Momo and connected devices via voice commands or the Momo Home app. You can chat with Momo via Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or Skype. Control Momo's lamp with gesture control, and receive alerts from the LEDs, on your mobile phone, or through Momo's speaker.

Momo can fully autonomously develop and suggest automations for your home, or you can choose to set up your preferred sets of actions manually.



Momo uses machine learning techniques to learn your patterns of device use and behavior in the home, and suggest automations to make your life easier. 



Momo's Learn & Adopt intelligence will help you create the perfect home environment without having to spend hours managing your devices. 



Momo's artificial intelligence allows it to learn your patterns of smart home device usage and behavior, and suggest sets of actions for you to adopt.



We call it Learn & Adopt Intelligence. Say you get home from the office every day at 6:30. You turn on the lights, set the thermostat, play some music, and deactivate your home security. Momo can suggest this set of activities to all happen automatically when you get home each work day. It's your choice how to implement the automation: Now, Always, or not at all. 

When you leave the home, Momo can activate security, turn off the lights or turn off connected domestic appliances that have accidentally been left on, detect open doors and windows, and actively keep an eye on the house. Momo will even learn if you prefer to change a connected device's settings through that device's control panel, the Momo Home app, or to let Momo handle it automatically.

Momo's AI is based on machine learning teachniques, giving it a level of self-awareness. It can learn users' household habits, recognize its surroundings, and acknowledge specific events. Importantly, the user always has final say on any automation adopted, and can set combinations of devices and activities to automate manually if so desired.



Momo is designed to make your life easier, safer, and more comfortable.



Because Momo can coordinate multiple features and services in the home, it is able to maximize the benefit you get from each of those systems. You can come back to a home that's set to the perfect temperature and light level, without worrying that you've left your lights or heat on all day.



Momo requires minimal interaction, and no special installation or configuration. Interact with Momo as much or as little as you want - you'll be able to benefit from the same perfect smart home experience either way. Momo saves you time, energy and money, and lets you focus on the things that matter.



Momo is constantly learning, and will adapt to changing environments and situations.


Momo will analyze its environment, and adapt to any changes it detects. It can turn on the lights when you enter the room, activate security when you leave the house, and alert you to any appliances that have been left on. It will suggest different sets of automation for the weekend, when your hours at home are different. It can adapt to being moved to a new locatino in the home, changing any settings and working with different devices. It will even suggest changes to automations you have adopted if your habits change.




Momo is the ideal home companion for discerning home owners everywhere. 

Whether you are concerned with security, home management, energy efficiency, or personal safety and health, Momo has the features you need. 




Momo's standalone security features and networking capabilites allow it to fully protect your home, worry-free.

Say you've just left the home. Momo will activate security mode, and alert you to any windows or doors equipped with sensors that have been left open. If you choose, it will generate a mock presence in the house by turning lights and music on or off periodically.


If Momo detects something suspicious, such as an unknown presence or strange sound, it will send an alert to the user, sound an alarm, and can even turn on its light and any connected lighting. Stream video through the mobile app to see what triggered Momo.

When you return home and Momo recognizes you, it will deactivate security mode.



Momo comes equipped with a variety of sensors designed to maintain a healthy home environment.


If momo detects unsafe levels of gas or other pollutants, poor air quality, crying or a call for asistance, it will send an alert, flash, and sound an alarm. 

Users will be able to see exact readings in the Momo Home app, stream video of the home through Momo's night vision camera, and communicate through Momo's speaker and microphones.




Momo can coordinate your favorite devices and services to create the perfect home environment.


Momo will set up your home just how you like it - whether you're coming home from work, inviting friends over for dinner, or leaving for vacation. Sets of actions can be assigned to each of these scenarios. You also manually tell Momo to do things - for example, turning on your coffee maker and radio in the morning. 



Momo can differentiate between members of the household - it can create different sets of automations to activate for each user that enters the room or the home.



Save on your energy bills by leaving device management to Momo.



Momo will learn the time when users are going to bed, and suggest energy-saving automations for night mode. For example, turning off the lights in the rest of the house, lowering the heat, and turning off any appliances plugged into smart plugs that have been left on. Similarly, it can make sure lights, heating, and appliances are not left one when all users have left the home.









Thanks to Momo's open platform OS, it offers broad inter-operability, and can connect to devices using a wide variety of industry standards. It will work with devices on closed systems, like Philips lights, without forgoing built in features other hubs do not support. It can connect to closed systems via their API libraries, and will track your use habits whether you interact with your smart devices via the Momo Home app or the device's native app. It can even work independently of an internet connection.


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