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  • Say goodbye to rattling blenders and say hello to a beautiful day with MILLO's Air Drive System which uses magnets to deliver power to the blade
  • MILLO's Smart Lid lets you wash your blender in literally just seconds! No more dreading
  • MILLO is your first blender that will remember you and your blending preferences. Just put on your lid and the blender will default to the smoothie you want most.

Grouphunt deal features ONE MILLO Blender Base and ONE On-the-go cup with smart lid

Get an additional on-the-go cup with smart lid at $102

We need 5 orders for this deal to go through so smooth-talk your kakis and make smoothies together! 

The story behind

Let's rewind a few years. 

To wake up his wife and daughter early in the morning or skip a nutritious morning energy boost. That was the dilemma facing Millo’s founder Adam not so long ago. After looking around for a solution and not finding anything, he decided to take the task of creating one in his own hands. 

As Adam himself says, “Millo was born out of frustration that is experienced by nearly everybody making smoothies.” Smoothie makers are incredibly noisy and washing them is a major pain. This robs us of an option of a quick and healthy meal and the willingness to improve diet is given up due to the lack of time and convenience. 

While the problem was clear, the solution was far from that. Eventually, the idea for how Millo should work came from a toy. It was a music box with dancers spinning on top of it. The trick there was that those dancers weren't physically attached to any motor, they were spun magnetically!

This was it. The way a blender could work like, while being silent, easy to clean and good looking. After finding a talented engineer and testing a proof of concept, Millo was on its way.

Millo is smart!


Millo is the first blender ever to adapt to your lifestyle with its fast and silent user experience housed in a minimal design.

Smart doesn't merely mean an ability to connect to other devices via some sort of signal. It means solved age old problems, adaptation to your needs and ease of use.

It's a blender, not a hammer drill. Neither should it sound like one. Millo's Air Drive system uses magnets to deliver power to the blade. This eliminates the most common noise sources in usual blenders - the old fashioned motors and rattling blade connectors.

Washing your blender after making a smoothie takes half of the joy away! With Millo's Smart Lid you can just rinse and go in seconds. It also features the industry's first ability to remember you and your blending preferences. Just put on your lid and the blender will default to the smoothie you want most.

Smart Lid also has an additional cover which allows you to avoid any immediate washing at all! So feel free to take your blender with you - on a business trip or to a picnic!

Smart Touch makes Millo extremely easy to use - you are a single touch away from blending your favorite smoothie. The right way, just like you prefer!

For all those times when Smart Touch is not enough and you want explicit control over what happens in the blender - there will be Millo’s mobile app which enables you to fiddle with every tiny setting there is! At the moment we are using a 3rd party solution to set the speed and to switch Millo On or Off. Have a look how it might look like once we finish.

With Millo’s mobile app, you will be able to automatically track the smoothies you make and transfer the nutrition data to the nutrition app you already use - it’s your free choice!

Unlimited sharing 


With Millo sharing is easy. You only need a single base and everyone with a personal cup and Smart Lid can use it as they wish. It’s perfect for families and teams! 



The details

The blender base is made from high quality seamless aluminium tubing which is bead blasted and anodised for durability and timeless look. 
The glass top is smooth and easy to clean with no crevices and buttons where dirt usually accumulates on blenders.

To create Millo we chose the highest quality materials. Our manufacturing partners are working with global brands on a day to day basis and recommended us the most durable, food safe plastics available.

Peace of mind


All of the above makes us confident that Millo won't fail you anytime soon. Just to be sure, there's a 2 year warranty!


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