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NEW COLORS! Army Green and Space Blue! 

Style And Performance is a concept that strives to create innovative menswear found nowhere else. Evolving the most comfortable high-performance fabrics.  

Through 2 years of researching, development and testing. We proudly introduce boxers inspired by the danish military. 

Solving every problem you could have experienced with your "normal" boxers.



Style & Performance was brought to life earlier this year here on Kickstarter by our awesome backers from all over the world.

Here is what backers say about our first Kickstarter invention “The first pants that make sweatpants unnecessary”


Thanks to the help from you guys, we have been able to push our vision forward. We proudly introduce our latest unique textile innovation.



"Our boxers are inspired by the Danish military. We have created and tested them to perform in every situation you can imagine with a ridiculous comfort, even after days in the field. The goal of this project is to make our improved military textile technology available to the public because odds are that this is like nothing you have ever tried before. That was my own experience when I was introduced to the original military boxers."


The road from agreeing that this was an awesome idea to this Kickstarter campaign going public has taken almost 2 years. We knew how awesome the original military boxers were and we refused to settle for anything less. We can assure you that everything has been tested over and over again to in the hunt for the perfect fabric. 

You settle for normal cotton boxers because it is what you are used to. What if we told you that we have the perfect alternative?

You wear boxers every single day. No matter if you are going to the gym, work, school or something completely different.
If you are used to wearing cotton boxers, we are sure you have experienced the frustration and irritation of:

Ride ups, holes, washing needs - even after one time use, shrinking horrors and the uncomfortability of wet boxers when sweating. 

You don't have to experience this ever again - We offer you the solution

The boxers are originally inspired by special boxers from the danish military. These have been tested for years, keeping soldiers comfortable under the harshest conditions and environments.

 Experience what it is like to wear..


The Mili-Tech Boxers are the improved version, using our specially developed microfiber polyamide.


The boxers are made in a specially developed microfiber polyamide. Our fabric is created through a synthetic process. Naturally occurring polyamide (before the synthetic process) are wool and silk, which are nothing but proteins. Therefore, the polyamide fabric is very soft and has a silky feel to it. Our special developed microfiber is the finest kind of polyamide and is referred to as sport-silk because it also has remarkable performance features. 

 The mili-tech fabric is made of smooth and non-absorbent fibers to create what we call fast dry technology. Compared to either premium cotton or modal underwear that will absorb sweat or fluids, the Mili-tech’s fast dry technology drives the sweat through the non-absorbent fabric.

Keeping your boxers dry and you comfortable at all times.

The fabric naturally regulates according to your body temperature, to maintain the same average temperature at all times. 
For example when you exercise your body temperature change radically from cold to hot and back from hot to cold. 


 Several features ensure that the boxers will never turn itchy. First of all, they have a ridiculous soft feel which will last even after several days of use. When you sweat, the heat regulation and the fast dry technology will ensure they still feel perfectly comfortable. These features combined with the elastic nature of the fabric and the fitting ensures that the boxers do not ride up.

Because don’t you just hate when your boxers ride up? Due to the nature of the fabric, the further added elastane and endless hours creating the perfect fitting we can ensure you that this will not happen when wearing the Mili-tech boxers. 

Inspired by the danish military and designed for endless miles of walking.


The fibers we have combined are extremely versatile, though and stretchy. The fabric is lightweight but at the same time stronger than any other underwear.

The boxers quickly regain their shape and are very difficult to break. This guarantees that they will keep looking new even after numerous and numerous washes. (We have tested +50 washes) Yes 50 washes and they still look and feel like new. 

The boxers are invented to stay odorless after several days of use. This is due to the fast dry technology that prevents the fabric from absorbing the sweat and the smell that comes with it. Further the sweat is reduced significantly by the heat regulation feature. These features combined keeps your boxers fresh for several days



So much stretch that you are almost 100% sure to receive a pair that fits you. But to be sure to get the perfect size take a look at the size guide, and match it with your approximate measurements. 


Choose between black, white, space blue, or army green. 


In the 2 year process, of developing the Mili-tech boxers, we have tested the market thoroughly, of all the features we believe makes the perfect pair of boxers.


We came across only one other technology that could deliver the desired attributes. The Nano – Silver – Technology, Infusing fibers with Nano Silver particles. 

Nevertheless, where was some potential problematics to consider? First of all this technology is expensive and takes a long time to produce.

Furthermore there is an environmental speculation.. Senior scientist in nanotechnology, Steffen Foss Hansen states,"We know that silver is harmful to the environment. We hope to use nano silver in the treatment of resistant bacteria, so there is no reason to take the risk and using it in all sorts of other products " And pointing towards sports socks, where Nano silver provides a bactericidal effect.

We do not know what the effect of infusing fibers with Nano Silver particles will have for the consumer.. 

Therefore we choose to exclude this technology and we are proud to have successfully developed a product that lives up to all the features we wanted. Which we can deliver at a very reasonable price. 

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