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Young people are desiring to escape the familiar surroundings temporarily and start a travel without plan to relax themselves; businessmen wish to expand their business all over the world to gain more wealth; while the singles are so open-minded than before that they never limit their relationships to a country.

However, all of this can never be achieved unless you master the target language. The problem is whether you are willing to spend so much time and energy to learn a foreign language before you start your trip. Don’t worry, you have Mesay now.

Mesay is the most handy portable translation machine in the worldWeighs only 0.1 pound, but makes simultaneous translation between 17 languages possible. It uses artificial intelligence to translate between 17 languages, with each translation costs no more than 2 seconds and 90% accuracy is assured.




Translation between English and other 15 languages is supported, so does Chinese. 








Who is Mesay for?
Who is Mesay for?


Genesis says that people can build up a tower to the god heaven when all the human beings work together. To prevent this plan, god confound their language, making them unable to communicate with each other.

“Jehovah scattered them from there over all the surface of the earth, and they gradually left off building the city. That is why its name was called Babel, because there Jehovah had confused the language of all the earth.”—Genesis 11:8, 9.

However, for thousands of years, human beings have never given up seeking for a better way to promote their communication and understanding. 

By chance,we saw this photo.

The photographer said, It is easier to see the misfortunes which children experience. Shocked by this picture, we always thought that, If people all over the world speak the same language, the world will be different. Misunderstanding, suspicion, conflict, aggression and war will be much less. And this means more than a dream for us.

How to solve this problem? For centuries, people had trained interpreters to communicate. But it is difficult to train a qualified translator. What about using AI?

Interpreter jobs are well paid because the difficulty
Interpreter jobs are well paid because the difficulty

What makes us determine to do this was that a friend of us came in June 6th, 2015, and they talked about something about outbound travelling after brief greetings. During their conversation, he commented that travelling abroad is becoming much more convenient than ever before because there are more international flights with lower price, and the visa is easier to get. What’s more, travelling abroad sometimes may cost less than it at home. 

We were so curious about what he said, then he asked, “But how can you communicate with foreigners when travelling abroad?” The conversation fell into a total silence at this time. 

He told me this with embarrass, saying he feels like a mute abroad for unable to speak the native language. As for to learn it, he frankly admitted that he had no time and energy. So he just took some pictures, viewed the scenery alone and left. He also joked that sometimes he wanted to accost some beauties but gave up for language problems.

A lost in thought after the conversation, it will greatly promote communication between people of different cultural backgrounds if a translation machine is developed, which can automatically translate the input language into the target one. Unexpectedly, his ideas were approved by all his friends. 

We conducted an overall investigation in no time, from departure numbers, translating machines in market to team building all the way to feasibility assessment, which took nearly 12 months. Our team set out to do all the works in the following month, like model development, chips and translation APP research, language library input and so on. we had intended to finish all these works by December and then put it into market. Actually it was delayed 3 months later. 

Firstly, Mesay supports off-line operation, so it’s capable to run normally even if there is no signals , which is totally different from any other translating APPs; for most of them are completely depend on data traffic.

Secondly, phones can power many apps at the same time when travelling, which leads to fast battery consumption. But MESAY will be lasting for a long time. 

Thirdly, it’s a portable machine with fine design, and the price is attractive. 

 Chinese - English Translation Test

English - Spanish Translation Test

English - Portuguese Translation Test 

 English - Russian Translation Test

Indonesian - English Test with Mini Crystal Speaker

Check more test video in update.

1.Input microphone to reduce noise and out-put loudspeaker to maximize your voice. Mesay uses special input microphone to reduce the noise wherever you are and uses loudspeaker to raise your voice, making the conversation more clearly. 

2.Support earphones (wire or wireless). Mesay uses input microphones to gather information and then output it through earphones, which is convenient for meetings. Meanwhile, you are free to listen to music to relax yourself during break. 

3.Support 3G mobile communication ( 3G SIM card or WIFI). It features in one-button for help in case of emergency. By presetting the contact person, you can press one single word to get help when an emergency appears.



 Random Color, leave a message if you want a specified one.


1. Does it support voice translation in offline?

Only support English-Chinese in offline now. We will do our best to update the system to support more offline translation.

2. When will mesay be delivered?

November 15th to November 30th.

3. Can I use mesay in a conversation with three or more languages?

No, not support now.

4. Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

5. What are the delivery costs?

After pledging and and selecting your country of delivery, your shipping costs will be shown.

6. Will there be software updates? Are they free?

Yes, Mesay will be frequently updated and all updates are free for backers.

7. Does Mesay come with earphones (wireless/wired) so I can listen privately during meetings or conferences?

Earphones are not included with the product, but Mesay supports most wired and bluetooth wireless earphones, so you’re free to use whichever brand and type is your favorite.

8. How to become a mesay dealer?

Support us with 10 or 50 mesays, and we will contact you for further cooperation.

Risks and challenges

We’re thrilled to launch this campaign. This milestone arrives after countless months of dedicated work, all to achieve the best imaginable solution for you.

Still, we understand that risks and challenges lay ahead.

Delivering upon our promise to ship all of you the Mesays on time and in line with your expectations is the final challenge that awaits us—and ultimately, the perfect reward.


Before the campaign, we’ve spent over 12 months with manufacturers and suppliers. We found the right cooperation factory in Shenzhen, the city of electronic products.

At the same time we started campaign, we have already started manufacturing small quantities of 100 products. Because too much people want to have a try mesay and the first 50 products we made were sent out.

Mesay co-founder Seven has worked in the Chinese Manufacturing company for over 10 years, and has enough ability and experience to control the supply chain.

Our hope is that we can document the journey from pre-production, tooling, manufacturing, to fulfillment so you understand what is happening at each step.


We will continue to work hard, and of course, whether positive news or not, we will update you early and often. Our entire team is passionate, lean, and want to make a difference in your life through our product.

Our team is committed to continuously improve the quality of the product, optimize the experience, upgrading the product, so the actual product features, specifications or design may be slightly different, these changes may not be notified, please forgive us! But please be assured that we will only get better!

No one can guarantee that there is no problem at all, especially in the complex manufacturing process. We have made two batches of products, and the problem is less and less.

If there are any delays or issues along the way we will inform you of them and tell you the exact steps we will implement to overcome them.

We have overcome the common and un-common hurdles. Our boots are already on the ground and we can walk over to the factory on a daily basis if needed.

We are certainly up for this challenge and confident that we will tackle it head-on!


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