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Oh the joy of cruising down the streets as our last mile transport. Train breakdowns? No problem!


  • Regenerative Breaking - charge your battery as you break. Our breaking system is also configured to be smooth, intuitive and safe!
  • Remote and Board Safety - When the remote's battery is low, only the board's brakes will work and acceleration is disabled.
  • Smart turn on - The board automatically turns on when the board is pushed (sensed through motor movement)
  • Battery Swappable - Battery Case can open by screwdriver and swap battery in 3 mins. Click for video.
  • Motors - Dual 250 Watts hub motors, powerful and quiet
  • Weight  -  6.9kg/15.21pounds
  • Range - 18 Km/11.2 miles
  • Smooth - can be used as a regular board kick and push.

 What comes in the Box:

  1.  Completely Assembled Meepo Board
  2.  Remote
  3.  Adaptor, EU or US plug according to your location
  4.  Skateboard Tool
  5.  Rear LED light (RED)
  6.  Skateboard Hanger (can be attached to the wall)


  • Top Speed 36 KM/H (22 mile per hour)  (2160RPM 90mm motors)
  • Size 92(length)*24(width)*12CM(height)
  • Range per charge 18 Km = 11 miles (Real life, 65KG rider)
  • Water proof? No. Meepo Board is NOT waterproof. And riding in rain or wet road will damage the board, and its not covered by warantee.
  • Rider Weight , Meepo works good for Riders less than 120 Kg (or 264 LBS))


  • Motor - 90mm dia, 55 cp, 82A durometner , 250W each Unite Motor.  Ranking 1st among 90mm motors. The PU wheels on the motor CANNOT be changed/replaced. You can always buy a new motor in my shop.
  • Controller/ESC/Motherboard - Uses a sinusoidal a wave drive with hall sensor, Smart Turn On and Off.
  • Battery - 20 cells, 10s2p, 4.4ah, 36V (158.4WH capacity) Genuine Samsung Cells, assembled by OEM. Also Genuine LG Cells with equal performance.
  • Brake - Advanced Regenerative Braking System.  Most efficient by applying the brakes evenly, smooth, and charge the battery reverse. Also with Lock fuction.
  • Speed Mode - 11khm for slow mode; 36kmh for fast mode. 
  • Passive Wheel - 90mm diamenter 55mm width, 53mm Contact path.
  • Uphill - 65 KG rider (me) can reach 24 KMH on 15% gradient slope. And 8 KMH on 30% slope.
  • Remote - Charges with the USB cable included. The remote allows you to change directions on the go (forward and backwards). You can also change between 2 speed modes easily (slow and fast). A 3-light battery indicator for the board is also shown on the remote as well as a red light telling you the remote battery is low.

  • Adaptor - input, 110V or 220V AC; output, 42V 2A DC; The charging port is located on the battery casing.
  • Adaptor Plug - Will be EU standard or U.S. standard according to your address.
  • LED light - Can attach to either truck with 4 different blinking modes; USB cable is included.
  • Skateboard Hanger - We also provide a guitar hanger with protecting foam to hang up your board on the wall which works perfectly for the Meepo.

Quality and Warranty:

  • Meepo boards are built using the best configuration of motors, controllers, and batteries. As a skater, I understand the importance of trust, quality, and proper testing.  We test each Meepo Board personally to ensure the highest quality eboard possible.
  • All components, like an extra charger can be purchased separately in our shop. More products will be added over time, check back with us soon!"
  • 3 Months warranty for defect come with board, except urethanes of motors and wheels.
  • All parts and components are in stock and can be purchased if necessary now and in the future.
  • Wheels will get slippery when wet. 
  • Please keep your remote OFF whenever you step off the board to prevent injury.

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  • Victor.W

    Can you start the hunt for the newer model (MEEPO BOARD V1.5, link below) with the option to upgrade to Sanyo Battery for additional range. The newer model has many important upgrades (like concave deck for stability, upgraded battery and remote for consistent performance) which is the current standard for a great budget/entry level electric skateboard.

    While the previous model of the Meepo board performed great at its time and price point, it is no longer justified to purchase the older model due to the rapid changes in the electric skateboard community.

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