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THE Book for learning Copperplate Calligraphy

Developed by English handwriting masters in the 18th century, copperplate calligraphy is admired for its fluidity and beauty. It is the most popular style for social correspondence, invitations, and other communications requiring an elegant hand. In this practical manual, a noted calligraphy teacher offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for the student. Beginning with a brief but fascinating history of copperplate, she moves quickly to an in-depth examination of the alphabet, numbers, and punctuation. Each letter is demonstrated stroke by stroke with a clear explanation. You will also find detailed discussions of writing in color, using the proper paper, and learning how to retouch, correct, and crop. Ms. Winters then shows how copperplate can be used to write a simple paragraph, a short quotation, or poetry, and explains how to use the script commercially for addressing envelopes and writing name cards and invitations. In the book, there are step by step guide to learning strokes, lettering and how to make connections between words. With this easy-to-follow manual and some practice, calligraphers will be able to create copperplate scripts with the rhythm, grace, and ease of the great writing masters.

For those who love the touch of books even today where everything is going paperless and electronic. For those who prefer to hold the guidebook before them and practice at their own spare time. The Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy Book is one of the most popular guide recommended by many to get started in Copperplate Calligraphy and it's part of may of the starter sets out there right now! Already have your own holders and nibs? Join us now and you would be able to get your own book at a discount! . If you have not gotten your calligraphy set yet, do visit here! Now you are all set to discover or REDISCOVER the new word of handwriting! Enjoy~

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • denthy
    !! I've heard so much about eleanor winters. A few famous local calligraphers also started their calligraphy journey when they attended her workshops in the US! Hope this hunt goes through :)
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  • San Yong
    Contains a step by step guide to learning calligraphy, from basic strokes to alphabets with similar strokes. It also includes practices on how to join letters together! One of the best book for learning Copperplate Calligraphy! Highly recommended by many
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